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Anycubic launches four new Photon 3D printers for five year anniversary – technical specifications and pricing

Shenzhen-based 3D printer manufacturer Anycubic has launched four new 3D printers to mark its five year anniversary. The new LCD systems are all a part of the company’s flagship range of machines, the Photon series, and are primarily aimed at hobbyists and design professionals seeking affordable resin printing.

Accompanying the mass product launch is a website-wide sales promotion, with early bird discounts for the new machines and price cuts on the company’s existing offering. Anycubic has stated that the event is a way of “giving back” to its customers for half a decade of ongoing support.

Anycubic's new line of Photon 3D printers. Image via Anycubic.
Anycubic’s new line of Photon 3D printers. Image via Anycubic.

The Mono, the Mono SE, and the Mono X

The bulk of the product launch comprises three variations of the company’s new Photon Mono 3D printer, a budget system characterized by its monochrome LCD screen and subsequent fast print speeds. The base model has a 130 x 80 x 165mm build volume, an impressive layer resolution of 10 – 15 microns, and a 2K LCD screen. With a minimum layer cure time of 1.5s, the Mono claims to be at least twice as fast as its predecessors.

Wrapped in a health-conscious package, the Mono SE features an additional carbon air filter with two ventilation fans in its frame. The machine is specifically designed to reduce resin odors during the printing process, making for a more comfortable experience. A beefed-up UV engine also means that the minimum layer cure time on the SE is just one second, resulting in print speeds of up to 80mm/hour.

Completing the trio, the Mono X is Anycubic’s spin on large-format resin 3D printing. The machine features an 8.9” 4K monochrome LCD screen and a build volume of 192 x 120 x 245mm. With a maximum print speed of 60mm/hour, the Mono X covers all bases with an all-rounder performance.

The Photon X

Anycubic’s final entry is the Photon X, another large-format resin printer closely aligned with the Mono X. The two titans have identical build volumes, with a 2K non-monochrome LCD variant on the Photon X. The machine features Anycubic’s new 16x anti-aliasing technology, a technique used to smooth polygon edges and deliver superior surface finishes.

Users of the Photon X can also make use of the printer’s Wi-Fi module, with remote print monitoring and print parameter adjustment functionality. To top it off, the system has been given a new cooling system to increase its life expectancy, making for a value purchase.

The Photon X is a large-format LCD printer with Wi-Fi capabilities. Photo via Anycubic.
The Photon X is a large-format LCD printer with Wi-Fi capabilities. Photo via Anycubic.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications and price points for each of Anycubic’s new 3D printers. The systems are available to pre-order now at a discounted rate.

Mono Mono SE Mono X Photon X
LCD panel    2K Monochrome  2K Monochrome  4K Monochrome  2K
Print volume (mm)    130x80x165 130x80x165 192x120x245 192x120x245
Wi-Fi No Yes Yes Yes
Print speed 80 mm/hour 60 mm/hour
Price $209 $319 $539 $419
Availability 2000 units 1000 units 1000 units 1000 units


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Featured image shows Anycubic’s new line of Photon 3D printers. Image via Anycubic.