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Aniwaa Reports First Market Data Analysis on 900+ 3D Printer Database

Aniwaa, one of my own favorite resources for information on 3D printers, has just released a 3D Printing Market Watch where the firm analyses some of the data related to its database of 900+ 3D printers and over 230 3D scanners.

Aniwaa is a product-centric 3D printing platform and we’ve built a unique database of 3D printers and 3D scanners,” said Aniwaa’s co-founder Marin Lansard, explaining that “this report provides high-level information about the 3D printing industry, with a focus on products. As always, we strive to be factual, reliable and comprehensive.”


In this report, Aniwaa offers an updated breakdown of 900+ 3D printers by category, technology and price, while also highlighting the global distribution of 3D printers manufacturers, by country and regions. Some of the most interesting data that emerges tells us that extrusion and resin 3D printers (the only technologies that today are available also as low-cost systems) currently account for 78% of the models on the market. The largest number of manufacturers is currently based in Europe, with as many as 84 different brands.
China, however, is growing significantly, with 42 3D printer manufacturers, positioning itself still behind the US, with 66 manufacturers. Poland and Italy make it into the Top 10 with 11 and 8 3D printer manufacturers, respectively. I hope my friends at Aniwaa won’t be upset at me, but this last one is a piece of information that I have to dispute, since I personally know as many as 25-30 3D printer manufacturers in Italy alone.
While this is just the beginning for Aniwaa’s reports, it is clear that the trend is set to create a service that is, in some ways, parallel and complementary to 3D Hubs’ Trends Reports. That is definitely most welcome, as this industry is in dire need of clear, reliable, and easily accessible data to help operators work and set a path for growth.