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An Intriguing New Line in 3D Printed Jewellery — EntropyA

AmniosyA is an Italian based art and design collective that prints jewellery so smooth, so organic, you’d think it was discovered in a riverbed. The latest collection has benefitted from 3D printing tech. The group, made up of five architects and one professor, tries not to have a soecific style, as each artistic endeavour comes from a unique place of inspiration, but they’ve admitted to being guided by scientific studies and principles. Their latest collection unfolded from ideas grounded in entropy: pieces of jewellery that often have a cloth-like appearance in their representation of the fluid motion of time. Or, as the artists put it in their interview with imaterialise: “the result of a fluid simulation that through physico-dynamics property deforms a plane, and deforms a Euclidean geometry. In this project we recreate spatial movements and that complexity recalls the softness of a cloth, and the articulation of natural interactions between different parts of a high density fluid. An element that starts from a classic design of the jewel begins to develop its own unexpected geometry.”

AmniosyA 3D Printed Jewellery

The collection, aptly named EntropyA, can be seen in all of its 3D-printed glory below or at the imaterialise blog via the source link.

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Source: imaterialise