Agents of the 3D Revolution – Promoting 3D Printing in South Africa

The main type of 3D printing related news from Africa has been mostly associated to the humanitarian sector, as potential innovations to provide help for those most in need – in the future. However, the vast continent of human origin naturally also holds potential as of today and for higher categories in the hierarchy of needs as well. Agents of the 3D revolution, a boldly named commercial collective of artists and designers working with 3D printing tech, is one of the first publicly associated companies to show off what can be done in the African market. They will host a showcase-slash-seminar of 3D printing next month, on July 6th at the FADA gallery in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Though there’s not much more to go on about here at this point, I think it’s important to generally acknowledge this side of the continent as well – the substantial creative and commercial potential it possesses. Hopefully we can also emphasize this by bringing you 3DP-related news from Africa more frequently in the future as well. Stay tuned.