Art & Sculpture

Absorbing Echoes with Perfect Pitch and 3D Printing

Rotterdam based designer Foteini Setaki leads the creative practice Studio Phi with additive manufacturing and acoustics for harmonious designs. Her project, “Absorbing Echoes”, aims to enhance healthy sound experiences in various spaces by placing 3D printed objects in such a way as to script a setting. The ideal harmonic experience may manifest with the integration of geometric shapes meant to absorb and conduct according to individual environments.

absorbing echoes Studio Phi

The images recall bleached sea urchins and organ pipes and offer a mostly conical form in architectural spaces otherwise predominantly boxed. An on-going project, “Absorbing Echoes” develops research, gathering information on performance contributions of different geometrical configurations. The result finds a balance between aesthetics and acoustics, the ultimate goal of the project. By regulating performances with unique geometric forms, “Absorbing Echoes” improves soundscapes and offers customized options.

echoes Studio PhiSound, often taken for granted as inherent to a space, can be aesthetically and salubriously enhanced, like most stimuli soaked in during an experience. Setaki’s designs search for the harmony balancing engineering and aesthetics. Additive manufacturing allows for the customization of forms addressing the appropriate resonance and impedance of a space. The art and science meet in this production. An old adage asks us to stop and smell the roses. “Absorbing Echoes” asks us to hear the quiet symphony of our world in any setting. Our own narrative improves and we may find it easier to contribute a verse.

Source:Studio Phi