3D Printing

Rinkak Focuses on the Finish of the Olympus Air Smartphone Camera Lens

If you happen to classify yourself as one of the world’s many iPhone photographers or Instagrammers, you should probably (if you’re not already) be made aware of the Olympus Air, an open sourced and interchangeable digital camera lens that is specifically compatible with smartphone technology. A platform originally started by OPC Hack & Make Project, the lens-based camera attachment allows users and developers to customize the Olympus camera lens through the official 3D design data and software development kit.


3D printing services providers Rinkak have decided to implement 3D printed parts into the design of the Olympus project, collaborating with Japanese-based design studio Feel Good Creations to create camera mount parts that promote optimal beauty and functionality in one attachment. The basis of the 3D design is based on what Feel Good Creations calls CMF (Color, Material, Finish), which according to them are the three dimensions that make up the surface of a design. Rinkak 3D printed the Olympus Air camera mount parts using acrylic and nylon material, focusing primarily on the surface finishing of the parts.


Some parts, such as the Camera Grip, are finished in metallic paint and undergo an aging process that gives them a vintage, tastefully worn down aesthetic. The 3D printed iPhone6 Joint Parts on the other hand, is designed with an intriguing surface finish that changes color when struck by sun light. This particular finish was achieved by placing copper plating upon the 3D printed nylon material. Other finishes include a skin-like material, more solid colored paint, and even a unique resin that procures a feeling of elasticity.


“Through Rinkak’s planning such as plating and staining, the textures, tactile sensations and product personality all turn to be different,” Rinkak states on their website. “Enterprise product developers can now exam their test cases by small lot of mass customized projects without taking the risk of huge investment in time and money.”

Key Visual

When placing the focus of a design on the simple yet prominent principles of Color, Material, and Finish, what you are left with is a product that oozes personality and style. By producing parts compatible the Olympus Air camera lens project, Rinkak and Feel Good Creations has made it a point to show that even the most widely-used 3D printing materials (such as nylon) can be finished with an unimaginable and aesthetically mind-blowing surface. These sleekly designed and finely finished 3D printed camera mount parts will leave the user wondering whether life looks better staring through the Olympus Air camera lens… or just simply staring at the camera itself.