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Pinshape Introduces The Feed to Satisfy Their Community’s Hunger for Personalized Content

Taking a hint from the all-knowing and personalized social media feed used by the likes of Facebook, the 3D model marketplace Pinshape has just unleashed ‘The Feed’, a new and improved way for the wide-ranging community to stay up-to-date with the latest 3D printing activity relevant to their interests. Each feed is personalized dependent on the followers and activity explored by the specific user. Whether you are a maker of 3D printed tools or toys, Pinshape has created a social platform that works to represent each individual member of the 3D community.


“It’s important to us that Pinshape is more than just a marketplace, but also a community of makers and designers. We wanted to make it easier to find like minded people, see what they’re up to and encourage conversation amongst enthusiastic makers,” Pinshape co-founder and CEO Lucas Matheson told us. “The Feed we’ve built not only put the community at the forefront, but also makes it easier than ever to find everything makers care about in one place.”

Feed Demo

Pinshape decided to create ‘The Feed’ in order to satisfy four of the biggest criticisms from members of their 3D network with one grandiose solution. The first issue addressed by ‘The Feed’ is the need for easy and immediate access to community interactions within the platform. Pinshape has made sure to gave their user-base a tool that would encourage communication between members, which in turn should help curate a ‘greater sense of community’.

pinshape - horizontal

‘The Feed’ was also engineered to help users efficiently filter through the plethora of 3D models, providing printable content that is completely dependent on the activity of each individual. Another criticism that ‘The Feed’ hopes to address is the abundance of activity that there is to sift through within the 3D marketplace, which was likely a tiring process for many community members just trying to find 3D models relevant to their interest. Lastly, Pinshape plans to offer easier access to their blogs and forums, attempting to group their wide-ranging and intricate platform into one convenient and personalized activity feed.


“After listening to what our community wants from Pinshape, we’ve been working on The Feed for three months to make sure we nailed it,” Matheson explained to us. “Now, the Feed is the hub that captures all activity on the site and provides a personal experience to each user. This makes it really easy for makers to see what other makers are doing and create conversations with each other.”


Already acting as one of the top 3D printing communities in the entire industry, Pinshape is making some major changes to further enhance the sense of community between their members. By transforming their 3D marketplace into more of a social media platform, Pinshape is aiming to satisfy each individual’s need through their all-inclusive and custom-curated ‘Feed’.