3D Printing

Breathe Easier with Help from the 3D Printed Sendinaden Smart Mask

As my meditation-enthused Psychology professor would always say, quality breathing will lead to a quality life. Whether he was talking scientifically or spiritually, he had a great point, as it has been proven may times over that deep and hearty breathing will help decrease your stress levels, as well as lower blood pressure and your heart rate. With a well-established understanding of how important quality breathing is to our lives, David Hartmann and his Shanghai-based startup, Sendinaden, have just launched a Kickstarter for a 3D printed wearable mask device capable of measuring your breathing and sending the results wirelessly to your smartphone.


The Sendinaden Smart Breathe Mask is composed of a 3D printed mask and embedded electronics that analyze data from both mouth and nose breathing. After downloading the Sendinaden Breathing App, users are to take a few different photos of their face in order to have their 3D printed breathing mask custom-designed to fit them properly. Upon receiving the facial scan data, the personalized Smart Breathe Mask can either be printed by the user at home or created by an external 3D printing service bureau, allowing the mask to be enjoyed by curious Makers and consumers alike.

Having just prepared their Kickstarter for lift-off, Hartmann and the Sendinaden team are offering rewards that include the 3D files for the printable mask, the necessary electronic and non-printed components, and first dibs on their smartphone app to pledges of over €70 . The app itself will showcase your breathing patterns and other relevant data, which will allow Smart Breathe Mask users to monitor and correct their breathing habits. Since Sendinaden wants you to be able to monitor your breathing no matter where you are, they also plan on releasing different colors and styles to make sure you remain fashionable while becoming healthier.


With the Smart Breathe Mask Kickstarter, Sendinaden hopes to have the breathing mask ready for the consumer market by January 2016. By implementing 3D printing technology into the production of their device, Sendinaden is making it possible to monitor our breathing in the most comfortable and accessible way imaginable. “Each person’s face is unique, and deserves a unique fit both for comfort and maximum usability,” Sendinaden affirms on their website. “That’s why every mask will 3d printed to maximize usability, comfort and fashion.”