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$40 design software SelfCAD releases nine new 3D drawing tools

3D software company SelfCAD has released a new range of 3D drawing tools. The update includes nine advanced 3D design options, which can also be used for 2D creations.

With its cloud and browser-based software available for $40 a year, SelfCAD is hoping to attract designers, developers and engineers of all abilities.

An easy switch between 3D modes

“Although our existing 3D drawing won great appreciation from artists, especially our free hand and real-time boolean drawings, we continued to receive requests from the industrial designer community to add traditional 2D drawing as well” said Aaron Breuer, Founder of SelfCAD.

These new design options include brush, text, line, spline, circular, rectangular, ellipse and donut drawing capabilities.

A revamped drawing tool facilitates switching between different 3D modes. The option to “drag-n-drop” basic shapes from the “shape generator” has been retained, while a new “click-and-drag” feature makes 3D creations easier to rescale.

“Line drawing allows you to draw rectangular shapes, every click creates an edge connected to the previous one. Another added feature [enables] converting lines into splines and [combines] lines and splines into one shape,” added SelfCAD Product Manager, Natalia Ulianets.

The “Goboat,” designed by Tergel M. in SelfCAD. Image via SelfCAD.

3D design to 3D printing

The SelfCAD 3D design software was launched by founder Aaron Breuer in 2016. It aims to “simplify the user interface” and to “remove scientific naming for otherwise simple tools.” Amongst its features are a “Magic Fix” 3D slicer, which makes objects ready for 3D printing and exportable as STL files.

Earlier this month, the company announced that it would be offering free three-year licenses to all teachers and pupils to celebrate SelfCAD’s launch in 100 schools.

The field of 3D design and editing software has seen recent entrants in the form of Google Poly and Microsoft Remix 3D.

A complex 3D object designed using SelfCAD. Image via SelfCAD.

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Featured image shows a designer using CAD and 3D printing in the laboratory. Photo via SelfCAD.