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3Dwergen – Unique Business Gifts, 3D Printed

Business gifts can be a tricky balance. The motivation for many companies is to ensure their clients remember them with something unique and useful. And more often than not, company logos are used on the gift of choice. So how to actually accomplish this combination from a standard catalogue selection of products — which is also used by competitors. How can a company stand out from the crowd?

To this end, Dutch startup 3Dwergen, has emerged with quite a unique approach to business gifts: it could be almost anything. As their strap-line goes: “From fantasy to 3D printed business gift”. As long as the company has an idea, 3Dwergen helps to bring that alive in 3D. Cool, huh?

So how does it work?

The first step is creating the concept and choosing materials. 3Dwergen helps with the conceptualization stage and will provide a prototype. Together with the client they will then select the most suitable materials to be used.

The second step involves creating the design. 3Dwergen takes care of that producing a 3D design, basically a CAD drawing, which is then presented to the client.

After the client has approved the design, step three takes place, which is the actual production. It starts by transforming the 3D design into a readable form for a 3D printer and then printing out the end product. The result is a truly unique business gift that surely won’t be forgotten! A good example are these business gift action heroes.

Have a look at a case video that demonstrates neatly how the service works (it’s in Dutch, but quite comprehendible for anyone whose not up to scratch in that language!)

About 3Dwergen

3Dwergen was founded by Nanning de Jong, who, fascinated by 3D printing, is able to express his creativity with cool products. Nanning is also involved with creating personal toys for children.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur Nanning worked as a consultant for The Bridge business innovators, advising and delivering market launches of innovative products.

Nanning works with different 3D designers and the latest (local) producers to convert fantasies and ideas into physical results.

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Source: 3Dwergen