3DPI.TV – Appaloza 3D Printing E-Commerce Marketplace

The Appaloza API kit connects to an e-commerce marketplace that allows 3D designers to sell models on a secure, cloud-based virtual store. Players who purchase models from the in-game Appaloza marketplace will then be able to edit and 3D print them directly from the web.

The 3D Pioneer Systems cloud platform will allow users to upload, store and print their own 3D model library or sell their own designs to other users. They can also 3D print free or premium models directly from the web so any copyrighted design files will stay stored in the cloud, completely protected against piracy.

3DPS will make an API & advanced SDK toolkit available to software developers. The API kits will allow third party developers to fully integrate Appaloza 3D printing services into their own platforms. This allows video game developers to include 3D printable in-game rewards, prizes and purchasable content without running the risk of their copyrighted models being unlawfully duplicated.

By connecting Appaloza to your 3D printer, you remove the need for virtually any other 3D printing workflow software. The models that you purchase can be stored in the web and sent directly to your printer. You can control and adjust your printer settings directly within Appaloza, and, according to 3DPS, most standard settings will automatically be pre-populated on almost every FDM/FFF 3D printer currently on the market.