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3DMe Figurines on Cubify

Cubify’s popular 3D printing service has expanded and now includes a portfolio of 3D printed designs that include funky looking new figurines called 3DMe. These figurines are based on a photo submitted by the customer — of themselves, a friend, a family member etc — and would make an ideal gift item for the right occasion or just for fun. The creation part of the bespoke figurine is really easy  — just upload a photo of your face (or someone elses) and follow the step by step instructions, and the Cubify interface will take care of the rest.

3DMe CharactersThe available characters that can be selected are divided into four main categories from sports and various occasions, such as weddings or graduation, to jobs and costumes. Each of these categories have several characters to choose from together with a few customizable options depending on the person’s height and weight. Once you are happy with the selection, you can add text or a greeting under the base of the figurine.

It is worthwhile checking the instructions page for your facial photo before you get started, just to make sure that your photo is suitable and gets the best results. These 5.5 inch figurines cost $64.99 each and the shipping time is 10 working days.

3DMe Figurines