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3DLT – New 3D Printing Template Market

3DLT is a company offering Pablo Arellano Jr’s take on the 3D printing online market phenomenon. Pablo is a former P&G manager and his company is tied to the Cincinnati based Cintrifuse Startup Accelerator, a collaborative project intended to both give the participating start-ups credibility and relevant connections, whilst also producing a potential surge in the area’s economy.

Arellano Jr has been using iStockphoto, the online stock photo archive, as an inspiration for his business model. The profits for selling digital 3D models are shared between the designer and 3DLT in varying percentages of the created revenue. “Our thought has been to take that same best practice [as iStockphoto] and do it in an industry that’s brand new. It’ll save consumers and commercial designers money,” he stated.

Currently the product portfolio offered by 3DLT is very limited – however Arellano Jr is planning a Kickstarter project, which will inevitably give the company more visibility and thus generate more interest from artists and designers and prompt them to get involved.

But does 3DLT have what it takes to start fighting for fame and glory with the already established 3DP services, such as Shapeways and iMaterialise, which are bound to be used as competitive benchmarks? That’s a question to be answered with time only. However, this year will undoubtedly bring more and more start-up businesses like 3DLT – and new revenue creating models – into the 3DP B-to-C market as well as to the business-centric sector. We’ll keep following – and report on all the highs and the lows — there’s sure to be plenty of both.

Source: WCPO, 3DLT