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3D Systems Releases Cubify Design, CAD for Expert Designers

Once you’ve mastered 3D Systems’ simpler software, Cubify Invent and Cubify Sculpt, you might try your hand at something more advanced. 3D Systems has released a new design program, Cubify Design, which builds upon its previous software, for expert users.

Cubify Design takes for granted that you’re fully capable of using programs like Cubify Invent, Sketchup or TinkerCad and aims for a fully-functional CAD program. Users can generate 3D models via drawing tools and predetermined geometry that go beyond basic shapes to allow for the creation of complex objects. In addition to the ability to form new items, it’s also possible to use pre-fabbed shapes to assemble larger structures. The example they demonstrate in the video below is of an elaborate bird house formed by the joining of previously made walls and rooves. More interestingly, the video also covers the simulation of your designs in the physical world. So, if you’re working on a mechanical apparatus with multiple moving parts, you can see how those pieces will interlock and behave once printed.

Cubify Design, which runs at $199.00, is a natural edition to 3D Systems’ set of software tools, (almost) completing their design suite. I say almost because, in the company’s attempt to enter every aspect of the 3D printing market, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more programs released to the Cubify community. Download a two-week trial of any of this software and let us know how they work for you! I’d try them myself, but, sadly, they’re only for Windows systems at the moment.

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