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3D Systems Makes a Significant Medical Modelling Announcement

It’s an acquisition news day today. Stratasys made an impressive announcement, covered by Davide, but as if that were not enough, 3D Systems has made a significant announcement of its own today too. Look back at their histories and it is uncanny how these two companies go toe to toe, over and again, across the years. For 3D Systems, this latest acquisition is focused entirely on medical applications of 3D printing. Potentially the most inspiring vertical market and certainly the most life-changing, in my opinion.

The announcement came today that 3DS has acquired Medical Modeling Inc., a leading and long-time provider of personalized surgical treatments and patient specific medical devices, including virtual surgical planning and clinical transfer tools, using 3D modelling and printing that is rapidly changing how reconstructive surgery is done today. The company expects this acquisition to be immediately accretive to its net income (well, that sounds familiar too).

Medical Modelling, led by the extremely knowledgeable and experienced Andy Christensen, was an early pioneer in the field of 3D printing-centric personalized surgery and patient-specific medical device solutions with FDA-cleared manufacturing processes and world-class expertise, providing help on tens of thousands of patient cases for surgical planning tools, implants and other design services. Most notable and familiar of these are the conjoined twin separations with which the company has been involved.

In line with the acquisition announcement, 3DS has also said today that it plans to consolidate all of its healthcare activities into a single unit under the leadership of Andy, who was named 3DS’ Vice President, Personalized Surgery and Medical Devices.

“We are thrilled to become part of 3DS,” said Mr Christensen. “We already use most of 3DS’ leading professional design-to-manufacturing tools including its Geomagic® Freeform® modelling software and haptic tools and advanced manufacturing Stereolithography and ColorJet Printing professional-grade 3D printers,” continued Christensen. “Working with surgeons around the world on tens of thousands of patient cases gives us a unique perspective on surgical planning opportunities that, together with 3DS technology platform and resources, could accelerate our global growth and enhance overall patient outcomes.”