3D Printing Customer Service is the Next Frontier: Tinkerine and PrinterWorks Partner to Deliver Better Service

Offering the “perfect” 3D printer with all the bells and whistles is no longer enough. The unasked question that haunts the thoughts of all those who are enthused about, but have not yet adopted 3D printing is simple: what do I do when I run into a problem with my 3D Printer? There are a number of personal 3D printing horror stories floating on the web and – quite frankly – if I were new to the 3D printing space, I’d be justifiably leery about dishing out my hard earned cash. This is why, despite all its potential, 3D printing has not yet become mainstream.

Tinkerine Studios 3D Printing Help Centers

But, now there’s hope. Tinkerine and PrinterWorks have partnered to tackle the industry-wide problem of poor customer service (PDF). 

“We think there is a real opportunity in the market now to offer high performance, reliable, and affordable hardware, dedicated service (training), and unparalleled technical support to 3DP customers,” states Tinkerine CEO Eugene Suyu.

Tinkerine and PrinterWorks have partnered to offer “managed 3D printing services” to Tinkerine’s “stable of corporate and enterprise accounts.” This will include Tinkerine Service Depots for its 3D printers nationwide, a one-year warranty and extended warranty program, and a “one-stop shop” at PrinterWorks for all of their 3D Printing needs.

“From “go-to-market strategies, distribution models, vision, and corporate culture – the many synergies our organizations share make Tinkerine a natural partner for PrinterWorks,” stated Stefano Walker, PrinterWorks VP Sales & Marketing.

This partnership could be the salvation for all those in the 3D printing space who are tired of faulty service. Tinkerine and Printerworks understand that customers deserve the best and are prepared to deliver.