3D printing shares on fire, with massive acquisition

The 3D printing stock market is on fire!


General Electric Co announced plans to acquire two suppliers of additive manufacturing equipment: Arcam AB and SLM Solutions Group AG for $1.4 billion.

With a focus on metal, acquiring these two companies shows the importance of 3D printing in business. A stone has been launched in the 3D printing industry and the resulting echo may be significant.

What are they doing with it?

The potential applications of metal 3D printing in the aviation industry is seemingly boundless. This acquisition points toward much larger technological advancements just based on previous uses of 3D printed metal that we have seen.

Who’s next?

This acquisition is just the start. How will airplane giants like Airbus or Boeing try to apply this to their industry? Even further, metal 3D printing also has significant applications for automotive players like Rolls Royce or Daimler, who are looking into the opportunities yielded through the technology.

SLM Solutions Group AG (AM3D.F): +38%

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Arcam AB
(ARCM.ST): +52%
Arcam Group provides cost-efficient Additive Manufacturing solutions for production of metal components.

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