3D Printing Service makexyz Growing Rapidly

I have had word from Nathan Tone at makexyz — the 3D printing service that unites designers with local 3D printing capacity — that since its launch back in January when the service was only operating in the US, things have continued to go from strength to strength and the service is now international.

makexyz is a fascinating business model and it seems to have captured the imagination of many in only a few short months. I am not at all surprised that it is continuing to grow. According to Nathan, makexyz now has operating 3D printers in 17 countries, including the US. The other 16 countries are the UK, Australia, Canada, Spain, Germany, India, Switzerland, Belgium, Malaysia, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Turkey, Netherlands, France and Denmark.

What is really quite cool about this expansion is that wherever you are designing in the world, using the makexyz global network of 3D printers, it is possible to deliver a 3D printed product to someone on the other side of the world, for free, in less than one day. Obviously you don’t get to check it in person beforehand, but with Skype and other such communication tools – is that really such a big deal?

makexyz is continuing its rapid expansion with more 3D printers being added in more countries each day.