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Mcor Expanding Its Reach — 3D Printing with Paper from St Louis to Anchorage

From its base in Ireland, Mcor continues to reach across the world of 3D printing with its low cost and environmentally friendly, full colour, paper-based 3D printing technology. Not satisfied by the recent deals in Turkey, Texas and Australia, the company co-founded by Conor MacCormack just signed two new distribution partnerships in North America, which will take its IRIS and Matrix 3D printers from as far south as Saint Louis to as far north as Anchorage, passing through the Midwest US and Canada.

First the company inked a deal with Chiacago-based Beckatt Solutions, which will sell the paper based 3D printers throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Minneapolis, Indianapolis and St. Louis, across all vertical market segments, including education, medical/dental, manufacturing, engineering, geospatial, architecture, design and 3D printing service bureaus.

Beckat Solutions Mcor 3D Printing

“We decided that the Mcor 3D printers best suit our clients’ needs. And Mcor’s mission to bring low-cost, full-colour and environmentally-friendly 3D printing solutions to the masses perfectly aligns with our mission,” said Matthew Pray, co-founder and Managing Member of Beckatt Solutions.

Arctic automate 3d printingThe possibility of using highly accessible regular office paper to make rigid full colour models was also a factor in the decision as was, perhaps even more so, for the second deal, signed with Yukon-based Arctic Automate. The Canadian rapid prototyping studio will now distribute Mcor’s IRIS and Matrix throughout Western Canada and Alaska, covering all market verticals and specializing in the education, architecture, product development and service bureau segments.

“We found the Mcor IRIS to be a powerful tool for design and commercialization, especially in large geographies like ours where consumables and service for other technologies have proven to be an issue,” said Tom Bamford, Principle of Arctic Automate. The ability to make their technologies available in the farthest places is key to many 3D printer manufacturer’s strategies. On this form Mcor has an undeniable advantage over plastic based systems: in Canada and Alaska there is no lack of wood.