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3D Printing Makes Coffee Stand Out

We all know that a 3D printer can produce some amazing objects but could I make you believe that a Makerbot Replicator could make coffee? Well almost.

Nespresso is one of Europe’s most successful producers of packaged portions of coffee and the machines that use them. They have become a massive global luxury brand and when they want to advertise, they do it in style!

nespresso Makerbot

Wanting to create a stand-out 50’ by 30’ wide billboard, they decided to hire Chris Austin, a California based production designer with a large roster of clients including Disney, The NFL and Universal.

After deciding on a concept, there was no time to lose to get into production. Needing to produce oversized models of the Nespresso capsules themselves, and being familiar with Makerbot’s product after discovering them in New York, He realised that the durability of the models and the flexibility that 3D printing offered were perfect for his needs. Austin decided to buy a Makerbot Replicator 2.

Chris says he relied on MakerBot’s “secret society of creatives” to help flatten the learning curve as a first-time user. And the ability to print revisions ‘in-house’ meant that he was able to refine his designs five times during the project.

The billboards look fantastic and are certainly attention grabbing, plus I can attest to the fact that the 3D printed capsules look like the real thing as I know them all too well.

Source: MakerBot

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