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Trumpf Does a Solid U-Turn on Industrial 3D Printing

TRUMPF Group jumped back into the 3D printing manufacturing market with a big splash recently when it finalised and announced a partnership agreement with SISMA, based out of Italy. The German company TRUMPF has established itself as a brand name in laser manufacturing and had implemented 3D printing before this new business venture, but stepped away for a brief period of time. With the collaboration of the two companies, both focused on laser manufacturing, TRUMPF appears ready to stake a stronghold in the 3D printing industry with its new partner. The new business will be known as TRUMPF SISMA and will be based out of Piovene Rocchete near Vicenza, Italy.

Holding the majority share at 55%, TRUMPF aims to co-develop cutting edge industrial grade 3D printers for metal products. SISMA, known as one of Italy’s leading metal works manufacturers with 33 million euro annual sales and over 1000 laser devices sold last year, will bring its renown and production capabilities to the table for what may prove a bountiful feast for both companies.

trumpf 3d printingBy targeting jewellery, dental, and fashion industries, SISMA fits snuggly with TRUMPF’s 3D printing goals. “Many machines on the market today are aimed more at prototype construction,” asserts Dr. Peter Leibinger, head of TRUMPF Laser Technology, “In the future, however, the most important criterion where additive manufacturing lines are concerned will be their suitability for industrial applications.”

As proposed by Leibinger, the future of additive manufacturing in the eyes of TRUMPF SISMA is in the industrial realm. Such an assertion addresses present concerns and opens the door for future possibilities as the additive industry grows and technology continues to stay neck and neck with imagination. While risks will be taken, it appears a safe bet by TRUMPF jumping back into the deepened pool of 3D printing.

Source: The FT