3D Printing from Voxeljet Improves Turkish Foundry Processes

The Turkish foundry industry has made made a significant impact on the international supplier market. One leading Turkish foundry – Istanbul-based Ünimetal – specializes in manufacturing precision components. The company’s client base spans various demanding industries such as aviation, defense, medical, electronics and automotive, and includes some high-profile companies

3D printing is one of the cutting edge technologies that Ünimetal is looking to adopt to improve its innovative production processes. It is vital for the business to stay on top of new technologies in order to satisfy their clients’ demanding needs.

Ünimetal management sees their investment in a Voxeljet VX500 3D printing system as a leap forward in order to maintain their current leading position in the sector. According to Hakan Batili, CEO of Ünimetal: “This machine opens up entirely new opportunities for us. Besides the higher quality and lower costs, we were also impressed with the freedom regarding the design of components as well as the significantly shorter production times, which were an important factor in our decision to purchase the VX500”.


Batali also revealed the key reason for acquiring the Voxeljet’s VX500: “We know the VX500 as a reliable and proven industrial machine that is predestined for permanent operations under difficult conditions. With its high-resolution print head, the printer achieves excellent build speeds and offers a convincing print quality. We were also impressed by the size of the build space, the layer thickness, the integrated material feed system as well as the job boxes, which can be replaced very quickly. We are convinced that the VX500 will allow us to open a new chapter in the production of prototypes and small series.”

However, 3D printing, even though it is considered to bring great potential for the company’s future, will not take over the traditional mould production currently in use for large scale applications. Voxeljet’s 3D printing technology will be used to produce small production batches and prototypes, which strengthens Ünimetal’s position in terms of meeting the international market’s requirements better.

Source and images: Voxeljet

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