3D printing events guide for September featuring IMTS, 3YOURMIND, Creality, BCN3D, BASF and more 

Introducing 3D Printing Industry’s monthly 3D printing events guide. Our summary of the latest 3D printing events features additive manufacturing summits,  3D printing workshops, online training courses, and digital webinars. 

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This month 3D printing events feature IMTS, 3YOURMIND, NeoMetrix, Creality, BCN3D, BASF, EIT Health, and more, so read on for more information. 

NeoMetrix is holding its Virtual Trade Show and Open House event on September 21st. Image via NeoMetrix.
NeoMetrix is holding its Virtual Trade Show and Open House online event on September 15th. Image via NeoMetrix.

3D Printing events for the week starting September 14th 

3D scanning service provider NeoMetrix is holding its Virtual Trade Show and Open House event on September 15th 2020. Running for one day only, the livestream will consist of four main sessions that focus on helping users to get the most out of their 3D printing and scanning technologies. 

The event’s tutorials are set to cover reverse engineering and 3D printing replacement parts, and identifying the correct printing materials and scanning technology. Attendees will also be treated to an in-depth look at Creaform’s latest 3D scanner: the Metrascan Black. The online workshops will be live from 10am to 3pm. 

On September 17th, Spanish 3D printer manufacturer BCN3D Technologies will be holding its “Innovation is in the making” launch event. Having developed a new product range over the last few months, BCN3D is finally ready to unveil its “biggest product release ever.” Scheduled for 15:00 CEST, the 45 minute interactive presentation will give attendees an exclusive first look at the firm’s 2020 product lineup. 

The virtual summit is also set to provide guests with an insight into the firm’s joint materials portfolio with chemical partner BASF, as well as other product developments.  

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A medical 3D imaging and post-processing course being held across eight universities is set to begin on September 21st. Image via EIT Health.
A medical 3D imaging and post-processing course being held across eight universities is set to begin on September 21st. Image via EIT Health.

3D Printing events for the week starting September 21st 

SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital is beginning an innovative image processing and 3D printing course on September 21st. Named “Expert 3D,” the project is an international collaboration between eight public and private institutions, financed by EIT Health. Lasting for six to eight weeks, the program is designed to provide healthcare professionals with the knowledge needed to use new imaging technologies for patient diagnosis.

Thirty multidisciplinary instructors, with years of experience in medical post-processing and 3D printing, will be on hand to train participants in a range of 3D imaging techniques. The course is marketed as the first to target trainees from a range of healthcare professions, although prior knowledge of imaging is said to be advantageous. Training will mostly take place online, but two weeks will need to be conducted in person, at one of the participating universities.

The eighth edition of the RM Forum is set to take place from September 23-24 2020. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s show will be an online-only event, focusing on the theme of “Additive in Progress.” The exhibition is being held to discuss issues preventing the broader integration of 3D printing within the aerospace, energy, oil and gas, automotive and medical fields.  

Broadly, the convention will be split into two main sections: the convention and the exhibition area. Within the convention zone, 3D printing companies will present their latest product releases, followed by a round table discussion of their potential applications. The exhibition area meanwhile, is set to showcase numerous innovative new 3D printed products and companies via virtual booths. 

Additive manufacturing software, certifications, cost analysis, and the experiences of service providers and new adopters, will all be explored during the two-day virtual conference. The event is primarily aimed at industry professionals, but registration is open to all interested parties.

Austrian 3D printer Manufacturer Genera is holding a launch event to celebrate the release of its inaugural G2 3D printer and F2 post-processing unit. The virtual show named ‘Produkt Start’ will introduce the company’s first 3D systems, and explain how they fit into its broader automated ‘Genera process.’ During the event, the company is also expected to outline its proprietary shuttle technology, which is featured within both machines, in greater detail. 

Genera’s patented devices not only collect data to optimize the printing process, but also allow parts to be post-processed without needing to be handled by users. The show will almost certainly include more information about the company’s innovative 4K Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology as well. Leveraging Genara’s new system, users can reportedly adjust the machine’s pixel print settings to anything between 40 and 100 microns. 

The firm’s Founder Klaus Stadlmann and Commercial Director Martin Schöppl are expected to lead the online presentations between them. A German version will take place on September 22nd, while an English edition is scheduled for September 24th, reflecting the machines’ respective release dates.

Those interested in what has been pitched as an “interesting and entertaining event,” can register for free via the 3D Printing Events website.

On September 25th, the 3D Friday Talk Show will be taking place, hosted by 3D Printing Industry’s Editor-in-chief Michael Petch. 

The 3D Friday Talk Show is held on the last Friday of each month, and each episode aims to dig into the reality of 3D printing by examining one topic in great detail. In this installment, the subject of discussion will be digitalization and on-demand spare parts within the oil & gas industry. 

To register see the 3D Printing Events page.

IMTS Spark 3D printing events for the week commencing 21st September 2020

Due to the ongoing pandemic, IMTS will be an exclusively online event this year, but that hasn’t stopped its organizers from arranging a string of informative virtual sessions to tide viewers over. As part of its Spark series, on September 23rd, IMTS is hosting a panel discussion on the overall pros and cons of metal additive manufacturing. 

In the session, led by Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s (ORNL’s) Thomas Kurfess and Lonnie J. Love, attendees will learn more about the transformative technologies emerging within the industry. Participants will also gain an insight into how ORNL research can help their business, as well as an understanding of the duo’s technology assessment strategies. 

The event, which is being promoted as accessible, with discussion around the differences between 3D printing processes and a range of applications, is scheduled to run from 11am-12pm CT. 

Following its Spark panel discussion, IMTS will also be holding its AM In-Depth Educational Series. Starting at 12pm on September 23rd, the first session is set to be focused on how to get the most from HP’s Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D printing technology. Attendees will learn more about the core technologies and early applications of MJF, as well as the “keys to unlocking AM” for cost and time critical applications.

On September 25th, the IMTS AM In-Depth series continues with a webinar centered around maximizing thruster performance for spacecraft propulsion. The session covers a collaboration between Renishaw, H.C. Starck Solutions, HiETA and the University of Southampton, which saw them develop a novel satellite propulsion system.

With support from the UK Space Agency, Satellite Applications Catapult and Surrey Satellite Technology, the team’s refractory resistojet technology proved to be a uniquely successful  application of 3D printing. The webinar, starting at 12pm CT, will cover all of the challenges that the team had to overcome, including design, modeling, material selection, building and testing of the system.

IMTS Spark 3D printing events for the week commencing 28th September 2020

Continuing with the IMTS Education Series, EOS’ Jorge Cisneros and GM’s Paul Wolcott are hosting a discussion on the benefits of using 3D printing instead of plastic molding in the automotive industry. GM and EOS have additive manufactured clog-resistant injection molds that can be cleaned quickly using ultrasonic technology, which have provided their companies with significant time and cost savings. 

In their presentation, Cisneros and Wolcott will reveal all about how they solved the traditional problems behind injection molding, their results, and the potential broader impact of their project. The one-off online event will take place on September 28th, starting at 12pm CT. 

After EOS and GM’s presentation on September 28th, an informative webinar about effective benchmarking is set to take place at 13:30pm CT. The virtual session aims to help attendees understand and control their machine’s performance, and enable them to achieve repeatable results throughout the 3D printing process. Participants will also gain an understanding of how a part’s minimum feature size, overhang angle, and printed tensile properties are important to minimizing support structures.

The highly-detailed event is set to cover machine monitoring characteristics too, showing viewers how to prevent any deterioration that can impact material performance. Metrics such as gas flow, platform heating, and recoating mechanisms all have substantial impacts on performance and will be discussed in detail as a result. The in-depth session should leave participants with the ability to fully-optimize their 3D printing set-up. 

The final event in this month’s IMTS Educational Series is set to take place on Wednesday September 30th at 13:30pm CT. Modern medical research has increasingly attempted to harness the strength of the biological body armor sported by certain species of animal, and this session will examine 3D printing’s credentials in recreating them. 

Utilizing combined computer modelling techniques,  it could finally be possible to utilize these tough outer shells, in order to produce body armor and helmets for commercial applications. This presentation will perform a deep dive into the potential of the technology, before ending with some finite element analysis of the structures, to show their superiority over commonly-used 3D lattices.

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Featured image shows a 3D printed heart model that was produced as part of the Expert 3D online training course. Image via EIT Health.