3D Printing

3D Print the Birds Back to the City with Printed Nest

For bird lovers and lovers of 3D printing there is a new application that combines the two and uses 3D printing to give birds new homes, attracting them back into the cities.

A team of architects and designers, set to explore and develop the possibilities of 3D printing technologies, came up with Printed Nest, easily one of the most interesting 3D projects seen lately IMHO. As is often the case, it is a very simple and straightforward application of 3D printing, which makes perfect sense. Something so obvious, now that someone has done it.

3D Printing Bird Nest

The Printed Nest project is still in beta phase. it is not possible for new members to join yet, though 22 bird feeder nests have already been built in 13 different cities, starting from Brno in the Czech Republic and going as far North as Norway and as far West as Rotterdam (all the information is available in this interactive online map).

3D Printing Bird NestI can imagine parents and teachers implementing this app to teach children about 3D printing. Each Printed Nest is made up of four parts: three pieces forming the bird house and forming the branches for the birds to stand on while feeding. Every part is printed in colourful PLA and the bird houses can be printed in different sizes.

The project is open source; registration on the website and into the world bird feeder map is free, as is the 3D model download. Colours and geometries are fully customizable. The Printed Nest team welcomes creative contributions from the community to constantly improve on nest designs (now in their third generation).