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3D Printed Street Art

Digital media software and tools have opened up the world of art to a new platform ever since computing power has enabled us to create visual art via our screens. Evan Roth is one artist that embraces the use of digital software in his work that focuses on pauses and stillness – something we rarely get to experience in the fast-paced world of entertainment culture.

Evan’s most well know project is called Graffiti Analysis, which is an ongoing study into in the motion of graffiti. Roth is using custom-made software designed for graffiti artists that allows them to create gestures in a tag. This motion data from the graffiti is then documented and analysed for translation into Graffiti Markup Language (.gml) files, which is compatible with the archiving process of the graffiti motion data.

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Evan’s latest work encompasses the analysis of the artists’ hand movements in space, which allow him to translated these movements into a 3D digital model that can be 3D printed. To achieve this, Roth used algorithms to capture the motions of Cap, an artist featured in the 1983 documentary Style Wars. The final artwork is made from Chrome-dipped ABS Thermoplastic.

Below you can see the sample images of the work he has created as well as a video demonstrating the first part of the motion capture process.


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