3D Printing

Watch This Bird Fly! Kazuhiko Uses Shapeways to Make His 3D Printed Mechanical Bird Soar

A 3D printing enthusiast has created flying objects without gyroscopes or sensors. Kazuhiko Kakuta, a medical doctor, manually controls the ornithopter (avian flying object). Composed mostly of 3D printed parts courtesy of Shapeways, his bird-like flyer flaps its wings mimicking the physiology of flight. The incredible nature of the mechanics and control is evident in the video showing Kazuhiko and his mostly printed mechanical bird in action. It is over ten minutes, but it is absolutely worth the watch.

Not merely satisfied with a flying bird, Kazuhiko also printed an anime inspired Castle in the Sky. Both of his objects fly magnificently. They are the perfect size for remote controlled flyer enthusiasts. Clearly, Kazuhiko sets a high bar, something others should see as a potential especially with the aid of 3D printed parts.

Watching the flight of the bird can be mesmerizing. The wings flap in a smooth and natural manner that from afar becomes nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. The bird dives and folds in quick turns before rising in rings. The best flight appears against the backdrop of a field at the edge of woodland. The camera follows the bird from a distance with occasional close-ups against a bright blue sky. The Castle in the Sky likewise impresses with its capabilities in flight. The fact that the whole project is homemade and possible with a personal 3DP makes the enterprise simply incredible, it soars.