3DP Applications

3D Printed iPhone Cases on the Go

3DPCase has just launched the first mobile app for manufacturing cool and bespoke 3D printed iPhone cases, thanks to the magic of 3D Printing Cloud Technology.

The ‘Ultimate iPhone Case Builder’ app is the first ever mobile application that allows customers to make, customise and order 3D printed iPhone cases on the go.

The 3DP Case team has collaborated with a number of top designers to enable you to create your very own iPhone case, which is then manufactured using Sculpteo’s unique 3D printing service and delivered to your door within two days. The 3DP app is available now to download for free from the AppStore and is designed to democratize 3D printing because the service is affordable, with iPhone cases costing from just $19.95.

The app is extremely simple to use and Fun!

Download 3DP case for free from the Appstore now