3DP Applications

3D Printed Fetuses

We have seen some pretty interesting ideas in the past year or so regarding how we can use the fast developing 3D printers to benefit our lives in the future. A Japanese company is certainly offering a rather creepy new service for pregnant women in maternity clinics. Instead of the “old fashioned” picture of the fetus taken by the ultrasound equipment, the Japanese company Fasotec is now offering couples the opportunity to create a 3D printed replica of the baby in the womb.

The model is created first with a MRI scanner, typically from an eight month old fetus, and then processed using 3D software. The final model is created using clear resin for the mothers body and white resin for the fetus, all just under US$ 1300 price tag – not to forget the beautiful jewelry box they use to package the goodies. This “Shape of an Angel” is offered in partnership with the Parkside Hiroo Ladies Clinic. Cannot wait to see the next new innovations coming out of Japan.