3D Printing

3D Printed Eyewear Collection by MORGENROT EYEWEAR Wins Innovation Award at SILMO D’OR

At SILMO 2014, MORGENROT EYEWEAR presented an innovative application of 3D Printing technology in the field of spectacle frame making. The laser-sintered eyewear collection from MORGENROT EYEWEAR includes interchangeable clip-ons that allow the front, parts of the frame, and the lenses to be switched out at will. Customers, thus, have the power to assemble and customize their spectacles to match ever-evolving tastes.

3d printed Glasses 1

With such a nod towards the future of design, it is of little surprise that MORGENROT EYEWEAR won the 2014 SILMO D’OR award in the category “frame technological innovation.” A few other unique aspects of the MORGENROT collection include:

  • patented template-front assembling method
  • comfortable, flexible titanium template with adjustable acetate tip ends
  • lightweight
  • comfortable, adjustable nose pad system
  • B2C-enabled services for end-consumer customization which allows optical shops to develop and penetrate new market segments

This MORGENROT EYEWEAR collection was designed by Joachim Bischoff, and will be available early 2015 at select optical stores worldwide.

Below are a few inspiring shots from this collection.

3d printed Glasses 2 3d printed Glasses 3 MORGENROT EYEWEAR  3d printed glasses