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3D-nylon shoes attempting to occupy the catwalks

3D-printed shoes have already been created in the past using ABS as the foundation. However, with the introduction of nylon as the new go-to-material, the implications are more of a haute couture –nature compared to the earlier attempts in the field.

Continuum Fashion’s strvct (i.e. struct as in structure) represents an expanding collection of mainly high heeled shoes – all taking advantage of 3D-printer technology, applying the forementioned nylon in the mix as well.

Currently sold directly from the manufacturer to order, these unique wearable fashion statements boosting your Paris-Milan image will first force you to delve into your pockets for $900. But in return you will receive a unique pair of footwear, which can also be modified according to your tastes – both that of your feet and the more ambiguous one that is the sense of style.

The ever evolving 3D-technology might bring an even more unique feast to the crowd of fashion-hungry eyes in the future, as can be seen in a very futuristic concept from the same company below.

It is, however, safe to say that the implications from 3D-printing in the field that is dressing people up, are to be seen in a much grander scale in the future compared to this high-end niche approach.

But we are of course also looking forward to seeing what this company can produce, as the new concepts do appear as quite intriguing.

(Source: Continuum Fashion)

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