3D Hubs — Localised 3D Printing for a Global Community

The dizzying proliferation of new start-ups around 3D printing is showing no signs of abating — with 7 new 3D printers in the last two weeks alone and different variations on 3D printing service offerings also emerging at a rate of knots to make the tech available to a wider audience it sometimes feels like my head is exploding tracking them and remembering names and locations.

Another new one this week — 3D Hubs based in Amsterdam — has the same objective as makexyz, namely to build a network of 3D printers for a global base of users. That saying “there is nothing new under the sun” seems applicable right about now — it is going to be execution that will set the successful apart I think.

3D Hubs aims to provide a conduit between people that have 3D printers with spare capacity and people that want their designs 3D printed locally and economically but do not have their own 3D printer. Currently the business model has been established and is working well in the organization’s home city of Amsterdam with 15 hubs currently registered there, but looking ahead 3D Hubs wants to take the business global and make local 3D printing available for everyone.

According to the company: “3D Hubs is all about local 3D printing, so we can cut out emissions from shipping and bring out the social side of making.” The aim is also to provide a fast and affordable 3D printing service wherever you are in the world.

Interesting times, now if I could just stop my head from exploding ….

Source: 3D Hubs