3D Hacker Gives Printrbot Simple the Thumbs Up

The good people at 3D Hacker have put up a brief review and unboxing video of the Printrbot Simple, the cheap and easy printer billed as “an exercise in 3D printing minimalism.” As Ric pointed out when the machine was released in May, the Printrbot Simple, which can be purchased as a kit for a mere $299 or fully assembled for $100 more, is meant to lower the barrier of entry for 3D printing so that almost anyone can begin printing small (with a print volume of 4 in3), high resolution (0.1mm) objects with ease.

While the little fella offers a lot of promise to would-be Makers who may be intimidated by more complex kits, only first-hand experience can prove[1] whether or not the uninitiated will be able to manage the Printrbot Simple. Luckily, 3D Hacker finally got to test one and here’s what they had to say:

As for print quality and ease of use, we ranked the printer an 8.2/10…however continuous calibration did not make us a big fan. We do love the simpleness and smallness of the Printrbot Simple though which was our desire! Tinkerers will love the Printrbot Simple as it’s easily upgradable, Open Source, inexpensive, and constantly improved upon. Keep it up Printrbot!

The compact kit was smaller than any other that 3D Hacker had tested and proved capable of making a decent print, as you can see at the end of their unboxing video below:

The constant calibration required with such a device may turn some n00bs away and, as indicated by 3D Hacker’s Andrew Mazzotta, it may be necessary to replace the wood printing platform and/or coat it with blue painter’s tape in order to avoid tearing up the wood with multiple uses.  As Printrbot matures, however, with the possibility of purchasing a pre-assembled, pre-calibrated Printrbot Junior, the company may continue to be one of the most accessible 3D printer developers on the market.

[1] The holidays are right around the corner. Hint, hint,