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3D Center and 3YOURMIND partner to launch online 3D printing platform

3D Center, a Swedish 3D printing services provider and consultant, and 3YOURMIND, a German software workflow creator for the AM industry, have partnered to launch a 3D printing platform.

The project is aimed at industrial 3D printing. It will streamline the process of design and manufacturing for the companies’ B2B customers. The move is in line with companies’ policy to promote widespread adoption of 3D printing in the Nordic region.

Krystian Pawełczyk, Key Account Manager at 3YOURMIND said, “We’re proud to continue strengthening our presence in the Nordic countries and to work alongside experienced partners like 3D Center. We’re seeing how AM is revolutionizing the industry almost daily and will continue to support its adoption by providing solutions that simplify and optimize 3D production processes.”

3D printing workflow assistant

The platform will create a network of machine owners who can share their expertise and 3D printing capabilities. Customers will be able to test the results of different machines before making an investment in their own machinery.  

The new workflow system allows customers to upload a 3D printable file onto the platform. The software then informs the users about the file’s printability and gives them options to choose the desired material and technology for the job.

Finally, an instant quote is generated and a preferred pickup location can be set. The whole process takes minutes.

Ulf Qviberg, the CEO of 3D Center said, “with the implementation of this platform, we aim to widen our operations to even more sectors, as we see all the advantages this technology can offer them. We’re able to reach more customers, provide them deeper access to our expertise, and in the process promote 3D printing even further.”

An example of 3YOURMIND workflow. Animation via 3YOURMIND
An example of 3YOURMIND workflow. Animation via 3YOURMIND

On-demand 3D printing

In recent years there has been a rise in on-demand 3D printing and cloud-based technologies. Along with other companies, 3YOURMIND has been at the forefront of this development. 

Earlier this year, 3YOURMIND launched its On Demand Production Network. The network makes 3D printing services accessible to innovators and makers around the world.  In June, 3YOURMIND helped PostNord Strålfors, a Swedish communications and logistics company, set up its on-demand 3D printing platform.

Last month, Xometry, a Maryland-based on-demand printing company, included HOOPS Communicator in its instant quoting engine. The update gives users a much more detailed picture of their design before it is ordered.

In the most recent development, Onshape, the cloud-based CAD software, partnered with BMF Material Technology to provide BMF customers with real-time CAD support.

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Featured image shows an example of 3YOURMIND workflow. Image via 3YOURMIND