3D Printing

12 Year Old's Light Up At Night Pet Collar

Coming home from work to walk your dog in the evening can sometimes mean a trip out at dusk. As the sun sets but your cat is out and still energetic, he or she is naturally going to want to stretch their legs for a walk. Keeping up with where your cat or dog is can be difficult. It’s with this in mind that young Blythe Serrano has designed the Light-Up At Night Pet Collar.

3D printed and with lights that will be sure to let you know where your pup is as they bound around in the park, the collar caught attention at the World Maker Faire New York 2014. There are variety of shapes and colours for both the tag and the lights, all thanks to a remarkable twelve year old’s imagination and hard work. The Make team caught up with Blythe at the weekend MF and interviewed her about the collar and her plans:

Ecological and economical, efficiency is the name of the game: Small and lightweight the collar only turns on at night to save on battery power. When it’s dark, the lights illuminate so that you can see your pet easily. Your pet is sure to remain within eyesight with this awesome printable invention. The collar itself was designed on the popular computer aided design program Sketchup. It is fairly simply, with nine L.E.D. lights, a battery, and a light sensor.

The collar is not for sale yet but Blythe says on her website says that it hopefully will soon. You can contact her for updates using her website here.