New cleaning technologies developed to address new manufacturing processes

OctoberOct 07 2020 13:00 - 14:00

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The industry as we knew it is changing rapidly and recent events have shown that flexibility is a requirement in manufacturing. Fortunately, technology has enabled the development of new processes that respond to such need. For example, 3D printing and additive manufacturing is becoming more popular and accessible, giving companies several advantages like fast prototyping and reduced batch sizes with minimal tooling costs.
However, moving away from traditional processes like machining, milling, stamping, etc. also requires a different approach in parts cleaning. In many cases, neither water-based product nor vapor degreasing solutions are the right approach to remove residues from alternative processes. Contamination is different, part geometry can be complex and waste processing is challenging.
Ecoclean will present different tools and processes that will give attendees a good understanding of potential cleaning solutions for when their companies start playing on these new manufacturing fields.
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