How to efficiently use Sinterit Studio?

OctoberOct 21 2020 17:00 - 18:00

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The second edition of the webinar dedicated to Sinterit Studio. During the webinar we will focus on how to use Sinterit Studio as a tool to get the best quality SLS printouts for different applications.
The topics will include:

- Best practices for model designing
- 5 golden rules of positioning
- Optimization of models arrangement in the print bed
- Layer height and printing speed
- How to interpret information displayed in Sinterit Studio
- Sinterit Studio Tips
- When to choose Sinterit Studio Advanced
- New features in Sinterit Studio
(PA12 Smooth v2, collision detection, industry 4.0)
- Sinterit SLS solution workflow - new peripherals and accessories

Robert Garbacz - Support Manager
Dominik Stasiak - International Sales Manager
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