How AM Helped Solve Age-Old Injection Molding Problems

SeptemberSep 28 2020 13:00 - 14:00

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In the automotive world, additive manufacturing (AM) applications are often considered an alternative to plastic injection molding. But what about making the injection molds themselves?

As it turns out, metal AM is an ideal method of creating plastic injection molds, as it helps solve a variety of problems that have inconvenienced OEMs for decades. The complex geometries of injection molds -- and the intricate vent designs required for gas and material flow – often make conventional machining a poor fit or even impossible. Due to these challenges, many commercially available molds suffer from severe performance issues, becoming clogged quickly and requiring time-consuming cleaning.

Using additively manufactured injection molds, GM and EOS developed clog-resistant injection molds that can be cleaned quickly using ultrasonic technology. In this presentation, Jorge Cisneros, Metals Application Engineer at EOS North America, and Paul Wolcott at GM, will discuss:

1. Why traditional injection molds cost OEMs time, money, and tool lifespan
2. The issues GM was looking to address with a new injection mold solution
3. The mechanical properties needed in the solution
4. How EOS solved an age-old manufacturing problem with AM
5. Next steps for the GM and EOS injection mold project
6. How this project could influence related applications in the auto industry
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