From Powder to Performance – Metrology and Characterization Across the Additive Manufacturing Process Chain

OctoberOct 02 2020 13:00 - 14:00

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Additive Manufacturing (AM) is being adopted by industry, primarily due to its freedom to create complex geometries and ability to create unique properties at selected part locations. However, the AM process is quite complex unlike in subtractive manufacturing where material stock is created independently and then shapes are created with cutting to form desired parts. In AM the “foundry” and part shaping happens all at once, significantly increasing the complexity of the process. Therefore, it is critical, to obtain proper understanding of how the form, size and microstructure of the final components are influenced by the processing parameters. Important points to understand would include how to ensure the quality of the powder; how the powder affects powder bed compactness and sintering process; what microstructure is created and how to heat treat the sintered part; how to define part chemistry to validate proper material composition; how to identify part dimensional accuracy, surface finish inside and outside of the part, as well as correlating different characteristics to ensure much faster recipe development. This approach utilizes a multi-scale, multi-modal workflow, designed to handle the complexity of the entire AM process chain, starting from raw materials to the finished parts. The outcome would be much faster and a much more cost-effective recipe development process, which today might cost millions of dollars and might take even a few years to develop in some industries.
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