3D Services

+90 3D Digital Fabrika
Turkey Yeni Teknoloji Binalari A Blok Laboratuar L-5 Gebze Istanbul
Established in 2005, +90 3D Digital Factory , the Turkish industry and designers to layer production technologies (3D printing) was introduced, and soon the digital manufacturing sector has reached a leading position.
11th hour prototypes
UK Avon Warwickshire Waterloo Industrial Estate Bidford on
11th Hour Prototypes provides a fast, no-nonsense prototyping service for clients in any industry. The company offers base level SLA or SLS prototypes – this means components straight off the machine – with no finishing.
USA CA 111 McInnis Pkwy San Rafael
For people who want to make things themselves, Autodesk 123D is free software integrated with content and fabrication services. Free products and services are subject to the Autodesk, Inc, terms of use that accompany them.
1zu1 Prototypen
Austria Dornbirn Färbergasse 15
Established in 1996, beginning with 4-köpfigem Team (2 entrepreneurs, 2 Toolmakers). We were providing vacuum casting of plastic parts and advice services.
3A – Advanced Additive Applications
France Paris Rue Lavoisier
Provide you technical expertise for innovative and effective industrial solutions.
3D Accuracy
USA CA Riverside County California
Direct Digital Manufacturing / Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing to create physical End Use Production Parts & Rapid Prototype Models used for analysis of fit, form,…
3D App
Italy Venezia Via Torino 125
3D ArcWest
France Fourqueux Business Park 4 Rue Alfred de Vigny
With an experience of over twenty years in the High Tech sector in international companies, Daniel Jouan strengthened its knowledge of the company by an Executive MBA at HEC Paris Major Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Babson.
3D Auto-Space
Australia Sydney NSW 1 / 12 to 18 Clarendon st Artarmon
3D Auto-Space offers to the market a new innovation in Automotive 3D Printing Technology and Digital Manufacturing of automotive components and specialty tools.
3D Bioprinting Solutions
Russia Moscow Nagatinskaya ul 1с33 Moskva
Description coming soon…