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Company name: ACES

The Federal Government funded ACES through the Australian Research Council in 2014 to turn our knowledge of materials into the next generation of ‘smart devices’ for the benefit of the community.

We think of a smart device as one that uses the advanced materials we make in our laboratories to create new health and energy solutions that improve people’s lives.

Our partners

ACES, led by the University of Wollongong, incorporates six Australian collaborators and five international partner organisations known for their expertise in materials and device fabrication.

These partnerships, which include financial and in-kind contributions, build on established relationships we have with associate investigators based at:
The University of Ulm, Germany
Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, Germany
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne, France
RMIT University
University of Otago, New Zealand
University of Texas at Arlington, USA
Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico USA
CSIRO, Australia
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth,USA
Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal, France
University of California Los Angeles, USA.
ACES also works closely with the Australian Government funded Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF) which provides us with access to state-of-the-art fabrication capabilities.

Our funding

The Australian Research Council invested $25 million in ACES from 2014-20 to translate our materials science knowledge into practical, game-changing devices for the community.
As we work towards this goal, we are responsible for training the next generation of research leaders, and providing new manufacturing and industry opportunities for Australia.
The NSW Government also invested $500,000 through its Research Attraction and Acceleration Program (RAAP) to help us fast-track the commercialisation of our research.
With the contribution of our partners, ACES has more than $36.8m to deploy to 2020.

Our ARC funding history

We have a strong track record of securing the support of the Australian Research Council.
They invested in ACES to: Bring together eminent scientists to develop the nanoscience and nanotechnology related to the movement of electric charge within and between materials (2005-10)
Continue our groundbreaking electromaterials research (2010-13)
Translate our research into the next generation of health and energy devices (2014-20).
Each centre has also received support from the NSW Government as well as from our partners.

Location: Australia NSW Squires Way North Wollongong

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