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3D Auto-Space
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Company name: 3D Auto-Space

Our Story

3D Auto-Space offers to the market a new innovation in Automotive 3D Printing Technology and Digital Manufacturing of automotive components and specialty tools. Based in Sydney, it is set to expand nationally and across the globe over the next 12 months.

3D Auto-Space is pioneering the incorporation of 3D printing technology in the automotive vehicle repair sector. The innovative technology is a first to market solution used in the repair and replacement parts process.

Also known as Additive Manufacturing, 3D-printing is helping industries push the limits of innovation, reducing costs, streamlining operations and accelerating the time to market. By building the product layer-by-layer, complex geometries can be easily modelled, allowing for a wider range of components and one-off projects to be manufactured.

3D Auto-Space offers the complete range of services from product design and the development of prototypes to manufacturing end-use parts. Using plastic and metal, this new service offers to the global automotive industry a wide range of new subcomponents.

Limited only by imagination, the projects being developed are helping deliver new specialty tools in plastic repairs and automotive repair components such as headlight lugs, grills, brackets and various plastic and metal clips.

The plastic components are printed from strong, durable plastics such as Nylon 12, the toughest material currently and ASA, a highly UV-resistant material. Metal parts can be printed from a range of materials including stainless steel, aluminium and titanium. Each component is specifically engineered based on customers’ demands using the latest in 3D scanning, modelling software, and 3D printing technology.

3D Auto-Space has established itself as an industry leader in this field. The company is working with key stakeholders and partners to deliver a new range of automotive components and 3D printing solutions to the repair and supply chain industry.

This exciting new venture, set up by CEO Mario Dimovski, has attracted much attention from local and overseas markets, including crash repair facilities, OEM & aftermarket parts suppliers, insurance companies, and industry associations.

From these processes, there is considerable environmental and economic benefit. By repairing broken subcomponents, the cost of repair is reduced by eliminating the need to replace entire parts, and overall fewer parts are sent to waste and landfill.

With companies such as Airbus and BMW already benefitting from 3D printing technologies, 3D Auto-Space is set to deliver the next evolution in the digital manufacturing and supply of automotive components.

Website Address: http://3dautospace.com
Location: Australia Sydney NSW 1 / 12 to 18 Clarendon st Artarmon

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