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1zu1 Prototypen
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Company name: 1zu1 Prototypen


20 years 1to1 prototypes
Award by the Austrian Economic Journal for best family Vorarlberg
Planned annual turnover 15.75 million euros
150 employees, including 32 apprentices
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Awarded the health quality seal of the State of Vorarlberg “Salvus” in silver on active measures for the health of employees
ISO 9001: 2015
Annual turnover 15 million euros
Expansion to an additional production hall (Spritzerei)
Full air-conditioning on the tooling and molding department
Start of prototype and series production (Rapid Manufacturing) with cutting-edge e-Drive injection systems in cleanroom
143 Employees

Winning the contracts awarded in Vorarlberg and Switzerland Price of the “Hans Huber Foundation” for the promotion of young professionals
Annual turnover EUR 13.8 million
Expansion of the business field to Rapid Manufacturing device components
Development of new advanced materials in polyurethane vacuum casting: 1to1 materials provide better impact strength / flexural strength, are flame retardant / self-extinguishing, guarantee temperature resistance up to 150 or 200 ° C or feature thanks to a flare-additive on better translucency
Integration of a second milling machine in the computer-controlled milling center 1to1
Modernization of the training workshop: investment in the latest technologies and facilities for training its own skilled workers-young

Annual turnover EUR 13.3 million
Co-development and production of the entire hardware of the humanoid robot “Roboy” (a project of the University of Zurich, Center for Artificial Intelligence)
Views and insights in the “1to1 Technology Days” on the topics of metal casting, rapid tooling, master models, vacuum casting and measurement technology
“Shaking hands with the future”: Customer Day in May 2013 with 250 participants
Tinkering and testing: The new material polypropylene is introduced in the laser sintering
132 employees, including 26 apprentices

Award in the competition “Trio of the Year” category of Craft & Trade of Austria Chamber of Commerce and the business magazine Trend (1st place)
900 customers
Annual turnover 13 million euros
Summary of all Urmodelltechnologien the-art RP Center at 700 m 2
Opening a showroom for prototypes and models
Commissioning of a fully automated CNC 5-axis milling machine with robot cell
Expansion of stereolithography portfolios to two systems and a 3D printer for high-precision, burnt out parts for metal casting (3D Systems)
120 employees, including 26 apprentices
Expanding the training workshop: 2. trainers (with a focus on machining)

Award at the SME competition “pillars of the economy” of the Vorarlberg Chamber of Commerce and the Vorarlberger Nachrichten (1st place)
850 customers
Annual turnover 12 million euros
15-year anniversary
new listing: optimize quality assurance means GOM measuring technology
Start of production of food-grade prototypes (FDA certificate)
Development of laser sintering department three new plants
100 employees, including 22 apprentices

Completion and occupation of the extension: Vakuumgußhalle, offices for sales and canteen with 2,000 m 2
Extension of the area to a total of 5,000 m 2
Annual sales EUR 9.8 million
the expanded inquiry and ordering tool “1to1 configurator” goes online
“1,000 pieces of a shape”: revolutionary Vakuumgieß- and molding technique allows unlimited Herstellstückzahlen of plastic parts from a silicone mold (previously was the limit depending on the material 15 to 25 parts / form)
technological innovations in the market: Laser Sintering Using rubber; transparent stereolithography parts

Annual sales EUR 7.2 million
Installation of the latest 3D printing technology (Voxeljet 500) for high-precision lost models (for metal casting)
Installation of the 3rd and 4th stereolithography system (3D Systems)
Start with Selective Laser Sintering – Glass Fiber
64 Employees

Annual turnover 7 million euros
Purchase of a second EOS Formiga laser sintering plant for small parts
new jet technology in laser sintering for even better parts cleaning
Further expansion of the training workshop, 6 new apprentices begin in the fall their education
63 employees, including 15 apprentices

11 anniversary (Insidertag for customers incl. Stage tour Bregenz Festival)
Annual sales EUR 6.9 million
Commissioning of a vacuum casting for large parts
first major stereolithography system 3D Systems SLA Viper PRO at a service in A, D, FL, CH and a stereolithography system 3D Systems SLA Viper Si2 with High-Resolution Mode
Commissioning of the first original system worldwide for the construction of laser sintering parts in polyamide (EOS P100 Formiga)
FDM Elite: first plant in Europe for small, precise ABS parts
51 Employees

Moving into the new office building with 420 m 2
500 customers
Annual sales EUR 5.9 million
ten years
Commissioning of the first OBJET Eden 350V in Europe with 0.016 mm thickness
Purchase of the first injection molding machine
Start the new department Rapid Tooling
48 Employees

Annual sales EUR 4.8 million
Expansion of the sales team to two employees (a total of 6 employees)
Opening of the training workshop with instructor (total 8 apprentices)
38 Employees

Annual sales EUR 4.3 million
Installation of two 3D printers Invision Si2 (3D Systems) for direct printing of lost patterns (wax warmers for the metal process)
Installation of thermal exhaust post-combustion in the metal casting
32 Employees

3.5 million Euro annual turnover
Installation of a new Urmodelltechnologie: SLS – Selective Laser Sintering (EOS P380)
Model production of prototypes in polyamide and polystyrene
Expansion of the production area to a total of 2,000 m 2
RIM – reaction injection molding: Low pressure injection molding in silicone molds under vacuum
Installation of the “configurator”
24 Employees

Name change and redesign the corporate identity: 1to1 prototypes GmbH & Co KG
Revenues EUR 3 million
Production of the first prototype magnesium

Move to the new production hall for metal prototypes with 420 m 2
5-year anniversary
“Customer Day 1.”
Annual revenues EUR 3 million
Installation of a new pre-mastered technology: FDM – Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM Maxum Stratasys), first plant in Austria and Switzerland
17 Employees

Annual sales EUR 2.6 million
Introduction of the manufacturing process “Milled prototypes” with 5-axis milling
Installation of an automatic warehouse for prototypes and molds
Award “Best Vorarlberg plastics processors apprentice”
15 Employees

Use and success of the company will be with the “Vorarlberg company Oscar” rewarded (the best company to 50 employees)
Annual turnover of 1.8 million Euro
First salesperson
a total of 8 employees

Sales EUR 1.4 million
Expansion of services to include rapid prototyping, metal prototyping and metal casting
Start with apprenticeship (plastics processing)
6 employees

Annual turnover 900.000 Euro
Installation of administration software “Intersoft”
first appearance at the Fakuma in Friedrichshafen (D)
4 employees

Established: beginning with 4-köpfigem Team (2 entrepreneurs, 2 Toolmakers)
Services: vacuum casting of plastic parts and advice
Annual sales 300,000 euros

Location: Austria Dornbirn Färbergasse 15

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