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We all wanted to be astronauts when we were small and now SpaceVR has promised to make our dreams a reality with virtual space tourism.     The San Francisco-based company was founded in 2015 and it already has $1.25 mil [...]

Creating the right prototyping lab, makerspace, or service bureau is something innovators worldwide are steadily figuring out. Obama said 3D printing would “revolutionize” manufacturing and mega corporations such as HP and Deloitt [...]

  Community 3D printing platform MyMiniFactory has had its guaranteed 3D printable library of over 15,000 objects integrated directly into the Zeus 3D Printer by AIO Robotics. This means that users of the Zeus can access desi [...]

3Dprintler has received a massive cash boost of almost $1 million from an angel investor and has set its sights on becoming the ultimate pricing search engine in the 3D printing industry. The Canadian company offers a unique servi [...]

  Shapeways is an animal with two heads: on the one hand it’s a marketplace where users can buy 3D printed products from stores set up by designers. On the other hand it’s a service bureau where designers and users can have t [...]

While the 3D design marketplace has been pioneered for quite sometime by services such as Thingiverse and MyMiniFactory, not all 3D printing enthusiasts know how to make the best transition from the design download to the print be [...]