August 2016: 3D printing prosthetics, Zika & DARPA

August 2016 was a good month for 3D printed medical applications. There was a trend for bespoke prosthetics, both in businesses and at home and, taking note of the spread of the Zi [...]

2016 review: Divergent Blade, ULTEM drone, Laika Studios and Bloodhound SSC

As we say goodbye to 2016, here's a round-up of its 3D printed best bits and a look at what I would like to see in 2017 as well as what I'd really like not to see (3D printed meat) [...]

July 2016: Nano Dimension, Dubai, Pokémon Go & the Tour de France

In July, 3D printing leaks into popular culture, jumping on the back of Pokémon Go fever and the Tour de France. 3DPI also get under the skin of Israeli PCB printers Nano Dimension [...]

June 2016: Brexit, AMShow Amsterdam, 3D printed glass-metals

While America awaited their official nominees for the presidential election, June 2016 saw Britain vote to exit the European Union dividing the nation and sending it into a period [...]

May 2016 in review featuring: RAPID, the Venice Biennale, Dubai and the ISS

The top stories from May 2016 are the RAPID TCT conference in Orlando and 3D printing making it into the Venice Biennale, bolstered by a landmark first in Dubai and on the Internat [...]

April 2016: Groupe Gorge, MIT and Botfactory the 3D Printing Industry year in review

April was full of exciting 3D printing news. We reported how Thales, the French technology company, had announced plans to invest in the construction of a large facility in Casabla [...]

March 2016 Solidoodle, SLASH and Rocket Labs the 3D Printing Industry year in review

Our review of the year in 3D printing continues with a look at March, a month where bleak news saw 3DPI delve into entropy before Spring arrived with new hope. 3D printing frustrat [...]

The factory of the future with Elysium’s Industry 4.0 solution

In the smart factory of the future where machines will operate independently of human input, a computerized workflow will be crucial to success. One company looking to get ahead wi [...]

February 2016, Nefertiti hack, 3D Platform and Pokemon the 3D Printing Industry Year in review

Our review of the year continues with a look at some of the 3D printing news from earlier this year. Let us know if any of these stories are your favorites and make a nomination in [...]

The 3D Printing Industry Year in Review, January

We’ll be taking a look back at the 3D printing news of the year during the next week. Here are some of the stories that caught our attention at 3DPI during January. Remember, nomin [...]