Hybrid manufacturing brings out UCDavis hobbyists

At present the combination of additive and subtractive manufacturing, known as hybrid manufacturing, has been primarily for professional use. However, research shows how efforts to [...]

Sliced: 3D printing news digest from 3DPI

Here's the latest list of 3D printing stories Sliced from the news feed by 3DPI. Canary IoT security is certified Security for Internet of Things (IoT) technology is an increasing [...]

Xiaomi entering the 3D printing market?

Images of a 3D printer with Xiaomi's branding appear to have been leaked. The news was broken by GizmoChina and it seems to show that the Chinese tech-giant may be about to enter t [...]

Prodways launch new ProMaker 3D powder printer series

The French 3D printing company Prodways is distributing new ProMaker P4500 series “powered by Farsoon” with higher build volumes, including a high-temperature configuration to proc [...]

DWS 3D printing helps preserve history after earthquake

Back in August of this year, the ancient Italian town of Amatrice was left in rubble following an earthquake. While the earthquake struck many towns in central Italy, it was Amatri [...]

Phantom kidneys could save lives

Models of the human skeleton have been the welcome additions to any anatomy class for years now. Even as you move up into further education, such models are often the preferred met [...]

Formnext 2016 first look at new 3D printing technology

Formnext 2016 is open, and 3D Printing Industry bring you the first look at the latest additive manufacturing technology. New machines unveiled 3D Systems have a large booth with a [...]

Formnext 2016 3D Printing Industry preview

Illuminated by the supermoon rising over Frankfurt tonight, the world’s premiere additive manufacturing companies are putting the final touches to one of the biggest events dedicat [...]

Fast track to 3D printing at Formnext 2016

Formnext 2016 opens tomorrow in Frankfurt, but already news is flowing from one of the main events on the 3D printing calendar. Here is a brief round-up of what we know so far. 3D [...]

French aerospace manufacturers Safran expand into new frontiers

In 2015, a three-part collaboration between the Australian Amaero Engineering, Monash University, and French aerospace component manufacturers Safran Power Units (EPA:SAF) presente [...]