Nozzles That Last 67x Longer

Advancements in filament materials are rapidly moving the 3D printing industry forward, but only if we can keep up. More makers and companies are using high performance materials s [...]

Inspired by nature: World’s first 3D printed electric motorcycle

  Airbus APWorks’ Light Rider - world’s first 3D printed electric motorcycle - is something new in the market. Not just because it was 3D printed, but also because the enginee [...]

FDA produces 3D printing medical guidelines

The Food and Drug Administration has issued guidelines for 3D medical devices, which means it is one step closer to becoming an accepted part of the process. The US agency rules fo [...]

MIT Fablab outside of the US

About Vigyan Ashram (VA) Dr. Kalbaag, PhD from University of Illinois, Chicago started with his dream project of Vigyan Ashram in 1983, at a small village Pabal near Pune city in I [...]

Ilios updates their Ilios 3D Suite

Ilios 3D is proud to present the latest update for their Ilios 3D Suite with many additions and improvements. Based on user feedback and requests new functions were developed and i [...]

PlenGoer, the printable open-source humanoid

The printable open-source humanoid will be visible for the first time in China at CES Asia 2016 held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) between 11 and 13 May 2016. P [...]

Konica Minolta strengthens his 3D Printing team

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Australia has appointed 3D printing expert Ben Darling to the role of 3D Printing and Wide Format Sales Specialist for Australia’s southern region [...]

An interview with Dr. Michael Itagaki, founder of the first online 3D printing biomedical community

The first of its kind, embodi3D is an online community that specializes in exploring the exciting space where 3D printing intersects with healthcare. Founded by Dr. Michael Itagaki [...]

New world record for giant figurine

Backface has claimed the Guinness World Record for the tallest 3D printed human for an episode of The Gadget Show with a giant, oversized version of John Bentley. The Birmingham co [...]

Arcam launches Qplus

  Arcam Group, with its head office located in Mölndal, Sweden, provides Additive Manufacturing solutions for production of metal components Arcam AB (publ), listed on the NAS [...]

Flexible holo phone goes on show

The next generation of phones could be flexible and they could serve up holographic images without the need for glasses. We even have a working prototype that will star at ACM CHI [...]

Video – Zurich researchers develop alternative to 3D color printing

As we reported last week, researchers at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich have developed a technique that enables them to manufacture plastic replicas of digital 3D mo [...]

The future of cardiology with 3D printing.

3D printing has been called upon once again to revolutionise the world of cardiovascular surgery in a new study from Texas A&M University. The university is looking to combine [...]

Stratasys reports lower sales in Q1/16

  Stratasys (SSYS) today reported sales of $168M in the first quarter of 2016, down 2% from the first quarter of 2015. Revenue from products was down 6% when compared to the s [...]

How Carbon 3D Printer Works ?

  Delphi is printing parts out of a liquid polymer bath, using a process created by Carbon. This new 3D printing process makes complex shapes that can’t be made by mold inject [...]

3D printing could blow up the world

3D printing has had a profound effect on the world we live in and is changing everything from medicine to manufacturing. Now scientists are putting this advanced technology to a ne [...]

iMakr partners with Raise3D

iMakr, the world leading retailer of best-in-class desktop 3D Printers, is delighted to announce its partnership with Raise3D, the 3D Printing company with the most successful Kick [...]

Why Materialise share price could move further down?

Materialise is a leading provider of additive manufacturing and medical software and of sophisticated 3D printing services. It was founded in 1990 by current CEO, Wilfried Vancraen [...]

Gumball 3000 Batmobile relies on 3D printing, a bit…

A real-life Batmobile is currently racing across Europe in the Gumball 3000 Rally and 3D printing played its part in the finished product. Palmiga Innovation contributed in some sm [...]

Interview with Tobias Redlin, iGo3D CEO and co-founder

  I had the chance to interview Tobias Redlin, current CEO at iGo3D, and one of the 3 co-founders. iGo3D has gone over some structural changes over the last 12 months with the [...]