Watch These Free Biomaterials Webinars!

The history of Geistlich Biomaterials spans more than 160 years and is built on proud spirit of innovation and the pioneering achievements of its biomaterials. The Jubilee Annivers [...]

Y Soft takes 3D printing software & platform global

Leading enterprise office solutions provider, Y Soft has just announced the general release of the YSoft SafeQ and YSoft be3D eDee, the industry's first 3D printer with print manag [...]

3D Printing and Exchange Traded Funds

ARK Investment Management LLC (ARK) is a New York based federally registered investment adviser that offers registered and unregistered investment products focused on disruptive in [...]

WASP’s Technological Village is the site of first 3D printed house

In a development that has certainly been a long time coming, the World’s Advanced Saving Project (WASP)  has officially started experimenting at its open-air construction site, cle [...]

3D printed, Creeping, Crawling Biohybrid Slug

From biohybrid stingrays, to bio-hybrid slugs. Scientists seem to be developing quite the collection of robotic sea creatures! Phd student Victoria Webster of Case Western Reserve [...]

Norsk Titanium continues to secure exciting partnerships

As previously reported by 3D Printing Industry, Norsk Titanium has secured a series of integrated supply chain moves designed to insert their disruptive Rapid Plasma Deposition™ (R [...]

Designing in 3D: The Future of Horology

There is something special about buying a new mechanical watch and no matter what time it is in your life; we are sure at one point you have gained an emotional attachment to a spe [...]

EU sees 3D Printing as Key Technology for Economic Growth

During the Informal Meeting of Ministers Responsible for Competitiveness, one of several events related to the Slovak presidency of the EU Council in Bratislava, the ministers for [...]

Scanning session in the Egyptian Museum, Turin

The Egyptian Museum situated in Turin is one of the oldest Egyptian museums in the world, housing the countries second largest collection of valuable artefacts, after Cairo. It is [...]

Pokemon GO is not just virtual thanks to Ilfracombe man

By now, anyone with internet access is very much aware of the Pokemon GO craze that is currently sweeping the world. Having already sent shockwaves from Sydney to New York, the vir [...]