Athlete’s Family Develops 3D Printed Gloves

In a library in Nicholasville, the Jones family are making history. They are creating custom made gloves for their athlete daughter, record-holding wheelchair racer, Aerelle Jones. [...]

MSF takes advantage of 3D technology in crises areas

Earlier this week, 3D Printing Industry delved into the emerging use of 3D printers in humanitarian sectors. In the very near future, disaster areas could see significant changes a [...]

Manufacturing Day Gives Businesses a Voice

Manufacturing Day (MFG DAY) allows those with an interest or involved in manufacture to celebrate it and host events to do so. The official date for the date is October 7th, howeve [...]

Quality for every printer: An interview with Ilios 3D CEO

Just after a significant upgrade to their firmware, Ilios 3D unveiled the latest product in their line of 3D printers. Initially manufactured to combat a need for affordable 3D pri [...]

ExOne report 38% increase in 3D printing revenue

The ExOne Co. (NASDAQ:XONE) report record financial results in their second quarter earnings. In a statement issued after the NASDAQ stock market closed on Tuesday, S. Kent Rockwel [...]

Keep your Subbuteo Team Organised

If anyone's benefited from the world of domestic 3D printers, ingenious DIY tinkerers and problem solvers have definitely gotten a lot out of these making machines. One in particul [...]

Turn old junk into cool stuff with 3Dp upcycling

The guys over at MyMiniFactory recently redid their homepage, and as I was having a look around I noticed the Upcycling category. I'm a big lover of turning things into other thing [...]

Mars City Design will 3D print in Mojave Desert

The Mojave Desert will soon be home to even more 3D printed delights, with Mars City Design planning to use the location as a testing ground for future Mars settlements. The projec [...]

LAIKA plus Stratasys equals stop-motion genius

LAIKA, the studio behind films such as The Boxtrolls, Coraline and Paranorman are releasing their newest stop-motion animated film next week, Kubo and the Two Strings. If you aren' [...]

3D printed gun seized by TSA

The Transportation Security Administration claims to have found a 3D printed gun in a passenger’s carry-on bag at Reno Airport. The TSA website revealed a revolver, together with . [...]