PTC to integrate 3D printing and Internet of Things design in Creo 4.0

On 15th December 2016, Boston-based software company PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) will release the newest iteration of their CAD program as Creo 4.0. At its base level, Creo software comes as [...]

HP Inc. release Q4 2016 financial results, 3D printing future strategy

Last year Hewlett-Packard Co. became HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. HP Inc. (NYSE:HPQ) has now reported its first full year of trading, during a time when the company i [...]

London doctors using 3D printed skull from the 1800s

According to reports, a major advancement has been made today in medical practice as doctors in London revealed a 3D printed model of a toddler's skull. The 3D printed design is in [...]

Sliced: 3D printing digest from 3DPI 22nd Nov. 2016

Because the 3D printing world moves fast - we've Sliced some of the news to keep you up to date. Read on for news about MatterHackers, Xiaomi, Farsoon, advances in 3D printed mater [...]

Microsoft Paint 3D available for preview

Microsoft have released a preview of their upcoming Paint 3D to Windows Insiders. As confirmed last month by 3DPI, Microsoft are giving their Paint application a 3D facelift. The s [...]

3DPI visited London’s reopened Design Museum

London’s Design Museum reopens this Thursday the 24th November and, as additive manufacturing giants Stratasys have an art commission featured in the opening exhibit, 3DPI were inv [...]

America’s first 3D printed houses

The U.S may soon have 3D printed homes, and a new partnership are claiming they will be created in just one day. Construction company Sunconomy have teamed up with Russian 3D print [...]

GeorgiaTECH put a cat amongst the pigeons with 3D printing soft robotics research

GeorgiaTECH PhD student Alexis Noel has been studying the adhesive properties of animal tongues for over two years. Originally her research focused on the sticky catapult of frog t [...]

Quadbot: engaging students with 3D printing and robotics

The easiest way to learn about robotics is to physically engage with robots. While theory is important, like anything the best way to really learn about something is to put it into [...]

XJet aiming to revolutionize dental industry

Having recently launched a new technique for 3D printing metal with Nano Particle technology, XJet are also addressing ceramic materials. XJet showcased their latest capabilities a [...]