Sliced: 3D printing digest from 3DPI 17th Nov. 2016

Today's Sliced 3D printing digest has more of an entertainment focus. Read on for the latest in fashion, cars, concrete, and General Electric's continued expansion. 3D printing get [...]

HP researches 3D printing onto uneven unknown surface

The 3D printing industry is constantly accelerating in terms of technological advancement meaning former limitations with the process are being overcome. One such limitation that m [...]

Footballer Ian Wright gets 3DP treatment at iMakr store in London

Today at the UK iMakr store in London, former footballer Ian Wright is being scanned and 3D printed as part of Floreon 3D and MyMiniFactory’s competition to win an Ultimaker 3D pri [...]

New 3D printers and formnext launches

Attendance at formnext 2016 is up by 50%, and there are an incredible number of 3D printers on display. 3DPI have put together a selection of some of the newly launched, and soon t [...]

Optomec to host training session at Autodesk University

Leading additive manufacturing supplier Optomec are hosting a training class this week at Autodesk University in Las Vegas. The session is titled "Autodesk is to Additive Manufactu [...]

3D printed filters bring more drinking water to Mexico

As The Rime of the Ancient Mariner goes: ‘Water, water, everywhere, / Nor any drop to drink’. When written in 1797, Coleridge couldn’t have foreseen how telling those words would b [...]

Virtual Reality is about to get personal

Throughout the years and throughout the many changes in gaming, one aspect has remained the same; the characters. In almost every game the playable character will be primnarily gen [...]

$28.6M Boosts Advanced Manufacturing in Nottingham University

The University of Nottingham is on its way to become an even more prominent figure in the world of British 3D printing. A ground-breaking ceremony has taken place to mark the start [...]

Australia shares fears about a 3D printed future

An article published today in Melbourne’s Herald Sun increases the scaremongering surrounding 3D printing in Australia. The headline ‘Criminals could use 3D printers to create bomb [...]

Makerbot collaboration for education

MakerBot have announced they will offer a 3D printing teaching program to over 800 school teachers in India. Vel Tech University, based in Chennai, and MakerBot developed the proje [...]