Ford announces $4.5 billion for self-driving electric vehicles and advanced 3D printing factories in United States

Ford announced this week that plans to invest in a Mexican automotive production plant are cancelled. The automotive maker will instead expand an existing site in Michigan. Ford CE [...]

3D bio-printing advances as CWRU improves PLA ‘scaffolding’ used in medicine by adding graphene

New 3D bio-printing research shows that combining materials could be the secret to 3D printing bones and organs. A paper from Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) in Cleveland, O [...]

CES Preview updated HP Sprout Pro and 3D scanning announced

Ahead of their CES arrival, HP have unveiled an upgrade to their HP Sprout Pro. The HP Sprout Pro G2 is an all-in-one 3D scanning computer with touchpad and projector. HP initially [...]

CES preview, first look at new XYZ 3D printers

At CES 2017 in Las Vegas the international XYZ Printing company, owned by Taiwanese electronics manufacturers New Kinpo Group, share three new 3D printers designed for use in the h [...]

After a disappointing 2016, what to expect for Stratasys in 2017?

Stratasys stock (NASDAQ:SSYS) has significantly under-performed in 2016. The 3D printing manufacturer's share price decreased by 30% during 2016, while rival 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) [...]

Want to see your 3D designs brought to life by a TV production company?

3D tinkerers and designers – your time is running out! There’s only one week left to enter the WildBrain Design a Character competition and potentially kick-start a career in anima [...]

3D scanning and education using Scotland’s Forth bridges

Back in 2014 a Scottish research group began laser scanning the Forth bridges, a group of bridges spanning the River Firth in Scotland. Using an initial £300,000 funding from the S [...]

Welcome new Makers to the world of 3D printing

New Makers - welcome! If you’re reading this article, we reckon it’s safe to assume that your dreams are 3D printed, just like ours. Whether you're the happy new owner of 3D printe [...]

3D printing with pencil-point precision at TU Wien produces miniature castle

Researchers in the additive manufacturing department at TU Wien have 3D printed a castle onto the tip of a pencil. Vienna's Dr. Aleksandr Ovsianikov and Peter Gruber completed the [...]

Visa survey puts 3D print designer, 3D chef as career choice of the future

Visa Europe has conducted a survey revealing the views of Millennials' and their future careers. The results show that 3D print designer ranks highly as a key job for the future. O [...]