3D printing, the answer to recycling

3D printing has always had a very long list of materials to work with, now even more so what with all the different technologies being developed. The ability to work with metal all [...]

Breakthrough: 3D Print metal with no support.

Researchers at Harvard University have come up with an exciting new method of 3D printing that effectively allows them to produce complex shapes in mid-air with no supporting struc [...]

Joe Doucet takes 3D printing to an Othr level of design

New York designer Joe Doucet has launched a brand of 3D printed homeware products at the NYCxDesign festival. He is the latest big name designer to throw his hat into the additive  [...]

Bio-compatible 3DP Solutions for Nerve Damage From UK University

Sheffield Engineering are 3D printing solutions for damaged nerve tissue, which could be life changing for many people. A year ago, they were well on their way with clinical trials [...]

3dP Will Have Utterly Transformed The World by 2020. Speakers Of The Tech Leadership Conference Say.

Communitech's annual Tech Leadership Conference (TLC) which was held last Thursday, May 12th of 2016 at Bingemans in Kitchener, counted with more than 800 spectators and aims to an [...]

Expanding to Space: 3D Printing is the Future

3D printing parts for space. Almost sounds like science fiction.   Almost.   McFarlane Aviation Products designs and manufactures over 5,000 different quality FAA-PMA par [...]

Australian Company Looks to Expand to 3D Printing

As an Australian, I know some pretty decent Aussie websites to get cool stuff. Redbubble is one of those places. They offer various clothing items, home decor objects and other ran [...]

Will The Evolution Of 3dP Continue To Boost The World?

Charles Hull, the Co-founder and CTO of 3d-Systems spoke to Chitra Sethi, the managing editor at about the evolution of the editing manufacture industry and its possibilit [...]

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Polymaker Introduces New Filament for 3D Printing

Polymaker, an innovative producer of high-quality filament for extrusion based desktop 3D printers, unveils PC-Max, a new filament to join the family of Polycarbonate filaments on [...]

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Additive Industries Presents New Industrial 3D Metal Printing System

Additive Industries presents MetalFAB1 in North America!     Additive Industries introduces their first industrial 3D metal printing system at RAPID in Orlando At RAPID 2 [...]

Arcam supports the expansion of Alcoa's 3dP Technology Portfolio

Arcam AB (ARCM:Stockholm) a leading supplier of cost-efficient manufacturing solutions for production of metal components is supporting Alcoa's 3D printing (3dP) portfolio with the [...]

New jaw implant could help hundreds

A new procedure using a 3D printed titanium implant could save people suffering disfigurement from jaw tumours. Until now, jaw tumours could necessitate the removal of a section of [...]

The failure of Makerbot: An expert opinion on open source

Tiberius Brastaviceanu, the co-founder of open source hardware, has given his insight into the massive failure of MakerBot. He claims it was more than simply a failed company, it w [...]

Grit3D moves closer to market in Pakistan Startup Cup

Grit3D has moved one step closer to bringing 3D-printed prosthetics to the world with a high-placed finish in the Pakistan Starup Cup ‘Build a Business’ Workshop. The startup has m [...]

Simple Steps to Making Money With 3D Printed Promotional Products: By HoneyPoint3D

Sample Geometric Print By Bathsheba, For this week’s video blog post, let’s talk about a topic that people would love to know more about: how to make money with 3D pr [...]

Open source wheelchairs could change the world

Hack on Wheels has taken on the challenge of providing an online library of wheelchair hacks that could benefit the whole world. Rachael Wallach got the idea for an open source whe [...]

A 3D printed violin Kickstarter is a work of art

A 3D printed violin could bring this classical instrument to the next generation if the 3Dvarius Kickstarter reaches its goal. This electric violin is a futuristic work of art made [...]

Peter Diamandis on the future of 3D printing

  Peter is passionately bullish on 3D Printing. Peter H. Diamandis exposed brilliantly how 3D printing will transform manufacturing as computer transformed our lives.   h [...]

Call for help, save my duck with your design!

  At 3D Printing Industry we always love hearing how the 3D printing technology can positively impact our lives, we have covered how 3D printed leg saved a duck, how creating [...]

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Dremel launches mobile app

Dremel has expanded its 3D printing interests with the launch of the Dremel 3D mobile app that can be used to control the Idea Builder 3D40 3D and other things. The Wisconsin compa [...]