Method of 3D printing resins adds CMYW color to 3D prints

Researchers at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech) have developed a method for inkjet 3D printing in color. The method creates a 4 color mix capa [...]

Plans to create world’s first 3D printed skyscraper in Dubai

Cazza Technologies has announced plans to construct the world's first 3D printed skyscraper in Dubai. The design group was founded last year with the aim of using 3D printing for c [...]

Army Veterinarian using animals to get students involved with 3D printing

Promoting STEM education and veterinary science, Army Veterinarian Dr. Turnera Croom has launched a pilot program called “Pooches and 3D Printing." The aim is to encourage children [...]

Researchers adapt selective laser melting process to create more advanced metal parts

New research has been published on an innovative new application of metal additive manufacturing. The study was undertaken by researchers at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Universi [...]

3D Printing Industry Awards Voting Open

Voting is now open for the 3D Printing Industry Awards. When we asked readers to nominate the individuals, enterprises and technology that makes the 3D printing industry such a fas [...]

An interview with AON3D co-founders

3D Printing with higher grade, engineering materials is a key theme for 2017. I caught up with two of the co-founders at AON3D to learn how this 3D printing startup is advancing th [...]

Interview with the retro-gaming inspired CTO behind Voxelise 3D modeling software

Voxelise is a computer aided design (CAD) program developed by UK-based software company Digimania. Its pixelated style is designed to get children into 3D modeling, and allows use [...]

Interview with the inventor of the frameless Hangprinter 3D printer building the Tower of Babel

Torbjørn Ludvigsen is a RepRap enthusiast, and has a Master’s degree in engineering physics from Umeå University in Sweden.  From the last week of February 2017 to 9th March 2017 h [...]

Sliced 3D Printing Digest: Artec, Hyrel, Shining 3D, Duke University and 3D printed cheese

In Sliced this week, we feature 3D printing news from Artec 3D, Hyrel, National Museum of Computing, Shining 3D, Duke University, University College Cork and 3D printed cheese rese [...]

Devin Montes tells us how to Make Anything

Devin Montes is gathering a huge following on YouTube with his Make Anything account, posting DIY 3D printing videos and with one of his projects amassing over 3 million views. 3D [...]