Click3DPrint Helps Users Explore the World of 3D Printing

Click3DPrint are keeping up with developments in the 3D printing world to ensure that they make the latest products available, as new printers and methods arrive.  They do this by [...]

Machines Room: East London Fab Lab

Fab Labs. I write about them a lot. As an artist, I love the idea of communal spaces where artists, designers, engineers and whoever else wants to get together in a shared space an [...]

Top 10 3D printed automotive industry innovations available right now

The automotive industry is a hive of rapid prototyping, fast development and mass customization. It’s a natural home for 3D printing and it’s no surprise that the major manufacture [...]

Printing Upwards?

3D printed objects are usually built up in horizontal layers by a printer head, light or heater passing across the printing plate horizontally, but what about printing the entire p [...]

Is 3D printed titanium about to get stronger?

  UPDATE: We have been informed by Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Engineering that the information originally presented in this article cast the research findings inc [...]

Techshot accomplishes 3D bioprinting in zero gravity

NASA contractor Techshot have become the first to 3D print a heart structure in zero gravity using human stem cells. Together with 3D bioprinter developers nScrypt and bio-ink spec [...]

DIY: install lasers on your 3D printer

3D-printers have opened endless possibilities for home production and rapid prototyping. Now you can easily create practically any model in a 3D-program and 3D print it. But until [...]

Tech predictions: 3D printed organs, robots and drone delivered pizza

London Tech Week! Today marks the beginning of London Technology Week! Robots outnumbering humans, 3D printed organs and drones delivering pizza are just some of the things predict [...]

Vitaly sunglasses throw shade on Kickstarter

Do you want a totally custom set of sunglasses? Well if you have simply refused to buy off the shelf and spent your days squinting into the sun then Vitaly is heading to Kickstarte [...]

MyMiniFactory turns 3, they are giving away a 3D Printer!

Birthday giveaway! Today MyMiniFactory turns 3! To mark this occasion, and to say thank you to their loyal community members. They are giving away a Flashforge Finder to one lucky [...]