LPW Technology establishes new R&D facility

UK based LPW Technology have opened a new research and development facility in the internationally recognised Daresbury Laboratory in Cheshire, UK. LPW is a market leader in the de [...]

Exquisite 3D printed art table and more

Our team reported about a series of amazingly 3D printed “stalaclights” before. Stalaclights are beautiful 3D printed light fittings that look like hanging buildings.  Art creation [...]

iMakr launch medical division with Rokit’s Invivo

New breakthroughs are happening constantly within the medical industry within 3D printing. The technology is revolutionizing the sector, with innovations such as bioprinting a thyr [...]

Sculpteo Adds Online Laser Cutting Service

France-based Sculpteo announced on September 8th the addition of advanced laser cutting and engraving services to its growing suite of digital manufacturing and prototyping solutio [...]

Carbon announces $81 million of new funds

Big news from Carbon 3D! They have just announced funding of $81 million from new strategic investors GE Ventures, BMW, Nikon and JSR. Along with existing investors, they will work [...]

BigRep takes over NOWlab and creates [email protected]

In large scale 3D printing, it is becoming less about hardware and software. The greatest development potential lies in materials and resulting applications. With this in mind, Big [...]

New HP Sprout PC features Leopoly’s 3D software

HP Inc.’s all-in-one desktop computer, “Sprout", features Leopoly’s 3D creation software, has been released on September 1st. The first Sprout came to the market in November, 2014 [...]

3D printed dress debuts at New York Fashion Week

3D printing technology is constantly evolving and changing, and now that there are multi-color, multi-material 3D printers out there, the fashion industry is being along for the ri [...]

WAZER Kickstarter will bring desktop fabrication to a new level

Remember when 3D printing was just for industrial applications? For over two decades rapid prototyping focused on processes for prototyping applications in an industrial capacity, [...]

Chromatose: 3D printed synthetic organism

There is nothing I like more than finding artists that are getting involved in 3D printing. From Akinori Goto, who made a beautifully mesmerizing zoetrope, to Bruce Beasley, who in [...]