CES 2017: The 3D printed car is here

Divergent were at CES 2017 this year displaying their impressive 'Blade' car and 'Dagger' motorcycle. For those outside the 3D printing industry this was possibly the first chance [...]

3D Printing Industry week in review

News about 3D printers and the 3D printing industry was certainly not lacking during the first week of 2017. We take a look back at some at a week that included the opening of CES [...]

CES 2017 Day Three of 3D printing, 3D Design and 3D prints in Las Vegas

3D printer news and 3D printing industry insights from CES 2017 on day three. Today we take a look at 3D printing electronics with Nano Dimension, see some fantastic 3D prints from [...]

A police officer’s opinions on documenting a crime with FARO scanners

FARO, Florida-based world leaders in 3D scanning and measuring devices and software, have announced they will add the next logical layer of imaging to crime scene investigation wit [...]

Columbia’s liquid watch mechanism dispenses drugs inside the body

Shrunken robotics that can travel inside the body and fix problems are a favourite trope not only of cartoons and science fiction (think Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XV: the family [...]

CES 2017 Day Two, New 3D printing enterprises, materials, 3D scanners and industry insiders comment

3D Printing Industry take a look at the news from day two of CES 2017. Before the final weekend of CES 2017 in Las Vegas, 3D Printing Industry are here to give you a quick round up [...]

CES 2017: New Intamsys PEEK 3D printer

The new FUNMAT HT is 3D printer from Shanghai 3D printing manufacturers Intamsys. It is a interesting development because the machine can print advanced thermoplastics materials su [...]

Gentle Bot: 3D printing a robot with feelings

3D printing is enabling strong advances in the field of soft robotics. New research from Cornell University has created robotic hands that have sensory feelings. Known as the Gentl [...]

CES 2017 Markforged Metal X brings 3D metal printing to the desktop

At CES 2017 today Markforged have announced what might be a revolution in 3D printing, a desktop metal 3D printer called the Metal X. 3D metal printing materials useable by the Met [...]

Johnson & Johnson partner with Bioprinters to create 3D printed knee

Having announced partnerships with Carbon and HP last year, pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson (J&J) have now outlined plans to integrate 3D printing into the develop [...]