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Siemens and HP Come Together with 3DP

Siemens, global electronics and industrial company, announced a collaboration with HP Inc. to develop new solutions to transform 3D printing from a prototyping tool to full product [...]

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HP and BMW are 3D Printing Together

HP has just developed a new 3D printing system for large scale manufacturing, the world’s first. Nine companies have signed up to use it, BMW and Nike being the largest of the bunc [...]

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J&J Announce Collaboration with HP: 3D Prints Health Solutions

The team up between HP and Johnson & Johnson is focused on using 3D printing technologies to create better health care outcomes at reduced costs.  Working together, the compani [...]

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HP Partners with Nike

In the storm of amazing news released by HP involving their new 3D printer, they have announced a partnership with Nike! HP's new 3D printer for large scale manufacturing will enab [...]

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UPS and SAP do a deal to expand 3D print capability

Parcel company UPS has done a deal with SAP SE to create end-to-end manufacturing that could change the whole logistics industry. UPS can see a major change coming. The concept is [...]

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Shapeways receives HP first new 3D Printer.

HP and Shapeways have proudly announced the installation of a new HP Multi Jet Fusion printer that has brought genuine 3D manufacturing one step closer at the Shapeways’ Eindhoven [...]

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Granta and Senvol on new solution for Additive Manufacturing

A solution that provides easy access, quick and right selection of machines and materials for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing is definitely a great move. And this is what Gr [...]

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UK Public funding for 3D printing up 100% in two years

Publicly funded spending on additive printing increased by 100% from 2012-2015, according to a new report by Innovate UK. Effectively an advisory board for the UK government, but a [...]

3D printed model hearts could save lives

The world of 3D printing is revolutionizing healthcare and medical models are helping surgeons and doctors save lives. In the depths of a financial crisis, 3D Life has been formed [...]

Layer reveals GO wheelchair

Design agency Layer has revealed the first official pictures of its 3D printed wheelchair that could potentially give a new lease of life to disabled people around the world. We re [...]

Singapore launches centre of excellence

The National Research Foundation in Singapore has committed $42 million to a 3D Printing Centre. Singapore is already considered the Far Eastern capital of additive printing. This [...]

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EnvisionTEC : Strategic Partnership with Viridis3D

EnvisionTEC, a leading global manufacturer of professional grade 3D printing solutions, has formed an exclusive strategic partnership with Viridis3D, a supplier of additive manufac [...]

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HP Delivers World’s First Production-Ready 3D Printing System

“The new HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution delivers a combination of speed, quality, and cost never seen in the industry. Businesses and manufacturers can completely rethink how t [...]

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Materialise Helps Power HP’s new 3D Printing Solution

Materialise NV  announced that HP Inc. selected its 3D printing software as a certified solution in HP's Open Software Platform to power the new HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution. [...]

How technology is transforming fashion? In this exclusive video, head curator Andrew Bolton talks about the dress that inspired the show (by Chanel Haute Couture); discloses on [...]

Frustum introduces Generate, to deliver optimized 3D and traditional parts in far less time

Frustum is a software company that is focused on the development of design optimization tools in support of helping companies achieve maximized additive manufacturing goals. They i [...]

Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co. announces OEM services for SLA desktop printer

Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co., Ltd, a leading Chinese 3D printing manufacturer, released the world's second high-precision desktop SLA 3D printer in 2014. The company sold more than 25 [...]

Stratasys launches universal design-to-3D print application, GrabCAD print

Stratasys Ltd. (SSYS) the 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions company, today unveiled a bold, new software strategy designed to make 3D printing significantly easier, [...]

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Ricoh : First 3D printer designed to support high functional materials is now available

Ricoh Group, a worldwide company operates in approximately 200 countries and regions. As announced by the technology specialist last year, the Ricoh AM S5500P is available now in E [...]

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Prodways: The first industrial laser sintering printer at under €100,000

At the opening of Rapid, the unrivaled additive manufacturing event, from May 16 to 19 in Orlando, Florida, Prodways, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, presents its new industrial lase [...]