Type A Machines unveils two new filaments and Cura Type A 1.5

California-based company Type A Machines have just unveiled their latest addition to a long list of quality filaments. Joining the ranks of more than 20 other filaments offered on [...]

3D printed clitorises are coming to French sex ed classes

Always the pioneers on the sexual frontier, the French are at it once again. This time, however, they're focusing a largely ignored and/or erased sexual subject: the clitoris. Noti [...]

Live Collaborative Browser-Based CAD for Everyone

Gone are the days where CAD software was just for those who are smart enough to understand complicated programs. One of the biggest advances that's helping those who design on a co [...]

Optomec’s Aerosol Jet technology enables breakthrough in smart-structures

Originally developed to combat limitations in 3D printing materials and surfaces, Optomec's Aerosol Jet technology yields unique input and output capabilities, which allow for 3D p [...]

Adidas rewards medal winners with 3D printed shoe

Adidas has given a bonus to every one of its sponsored athletes that have won a medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics. As well as the adulation of the crowd and the money that tends to fo [...]

MIT silicon photonics research breakthrough for 3D scanning

Work by MIT researchers may make drones, robots and self-driving cars both more affordable and also improve their performance. Successful commercialization of a new lidar-on-a-chip [...]

Building with robots and recycled plastic

Future construction sites could use recycled plastic and combine pre-fabricated elements with tailored on-site work with robots, according to a new paper from the AA School of Arch [...]

Celica saved by 3D printed part

A car enthusiast turned to her local robotics club, after finding out that a spare part for her car would cost much more than simply making a new one. Yellowknife resident Jan Full [...]

3D Printing DENIED – Patents and Copyright Law

One massive step forward in development in the world of making, and a law sends the creative world back a step. You could argue that relying on expired patents and copyright to mak [...]

Iran calls for domestic companies to help rebuild historic monuments

In some inspiring news, Iran has recently announced that its advanced manufacturing and material technologies development headquarters is planning to restore and create exact repli [...]