Advances in robotics made easier by forthcoming 3D printed TurtleBot

Since launching in 2007, the Robot Operating System (ROS) has become the most widely used programming language for commanding robots. As an opensource language, the creation of ROS [...]

3D printing to help diagnose patients with anemia

Access to healthcare and treatment and also diagnostic facilities can be difficult in remote regions. From rural areas to underdeveloped countries, not everyone lives in an area wh [...]

Competition to Print the Future on the International Space Station

The National Space Society (NSS) program Enterprise in Space (EIS), are calling for university teams to send in their visions of interplanetary transport, construction, and habitat [...]

Small steps, big impact – 3D bioprinting kidneys at Harvard

Though it takes just an instant for research to become a discovery, an apple falling from a tree; a bolt of lighting; the snap of a shutter, fully developed breakthroughs in scienc [...]

$16 billion Hedge fund doubles investment in Autodesk

A New York based hedge fund with over $16 billion in assets is betting heavily on the success of 3D printing software manufacturer, Autodesk Inc (NASDAQ:ADSK). According to documen [...]

Foundry is Founded: MIT create the Photoshop of 3D Printing

Foundry is a new interface from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) that helps users to create 3D printed objects made from multiple materials. What make [...]

ISO and ASTM develop AM Standards Development Structure

One of the major barriers to widespread adoption of 3D printing is the question of standardization. For industries like aerospace and medical especially, there is a need for techni [...]

Dan Sultan’s music video brings 3D printing to life

Aussie alt-rock artist Dan Sultan has brought a 3D printed bust to life with his newest video clip for single 'Magnetic'. The award winning artist teamed up with Melbourne based Dr [...]

3D modeling startup Vectary raises $2.5M

Slovakian based software startup Vectary is moving to New York! Following a Seed round that raised $2.5 million, led by BlueYard Capital, a Berlin-based VC, Vectary will use the mo [...]

The 3D printed bamboo pavilion from SHoP Architects

SHoP Architects, a New York based architecture practice, will celebrate winning The Panerai Design Miami/ Visionary Award with a 3D printed pavilion on display at the city’s Jungle [...]