3D Printed Violins – An Overhyped Crescendo?

From the early Rubec, to the Viol and onward to the world of the violin. This historic instrument has taken many paths to get to where it is today, and the realms of 3D printing ar [...]

iMakr has officially touched down in France

Opening its headquarters in London's design district in mid-2013 and a subsequent flagship store in New York City in 2014, leading independent 3D printing store iMakr is certainly [...]

Groupe Gorgé announce 51% increase in 3D printing sales

Groupe Gorgé today published financial results for the second quarter of 2016. The stock market viewed the news in a positive light and the announcement drove the companies share p [...]

Can new medical models cut patient mortality?

French start-up Biomodex believes that its detailed models of a specific patient’s organs and body parts will help reduce surgical errors, save lives and potentially put an end to [...]

Marty the Robot wants to dance and teach you about robotics

He has a funny walk and a permanently surprised expression but he may soon be making waves in robotics and mechanics education. Innovative roboticists at Robotical would like to in [...]

3D printed Subaru engine is a thing of beauty

One committed maker has spent their days, and nights, creating this truly stunning, working scale model of a Subaru Impreza WRX boxer engine. Eric Harrell has posted the fruits of [...]

SKYLON Spaceplane inches closer to orbit thanks to 3D printed injector

As previously reported on 3D Printing Industry, the Reaction Engines Ltd. SKYLON Spaceplane is an innovative new aircraft designed in partnership with the European Space Agency (ES [...]

3D printed mammoth

We all know about the power of DNA, and expect that in the future, scientists will be able to clone extinct animals, like the sabre tooth tiger. But currently, science is not quite [...]

Graphene 3D appoints new members

Graphene 3D Lab Inc. is pleased to announce the appointments of Robert Scott as the new Chief Financial Officer and Jeffrey Dare as the new Corporate Secretary. Robert Scott brings [...]

5 year old gains a 3Dp hand with UnLimbited potential

Bioniks, Xplorer 3D and have banded together to change a young boy's life forever. Mir Bayyaan Baloch was born without a right hand, and now at the age of 5, he was find [...]