Superlab opens in New York

A new 3D printing ‘Superlab’ has opened at The State University of New York at New Paltz and will focus on students and the Hudson Valley business community. It is one of the most [...]

Create gives new start for Haitian mother

The victims of the Haiti earthquake have endured a nightmare, but life will be just that little more bearable for one single mother with a tragic story to tell. Now she has receive [...]

Bristol University close to printing bone and cartilage

Bristol University has produced a bio-ink that prints stem cells that develop into complex tissues like bone and cartilage. So true bioprinting is one step closer now. At the momen [...]

Giant NERF gun gets 3D printed projectile

NERF guns have become the bane of any office employee without one. Even my mother has to duck and cover behind her desk every Friday afternoon as a NERF war surrounds her, pistols [...]

Matter and Form Awarded $850,000 Federal Grant

Matter and Form, a company from Toronto, Canada, has been awarded over $850,000 to develop 3D scanning technology. Davenport MP Julie Dzerowicz announced this on behalf of the Mini [...]

IAAC: Minibuilders, small robots with big ambitions

Minibuilders could be the next big technological leap in the construction industry after the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia revealed the small robots with grand a [...]

In(3D)ustry day 1: Retail panel

Here is the panel I was looking forward to: retail and consumer goods. Clothing, accessories and all things consumer related. The panel took place on day 1 of In(3D)ustry, an advan [...]

Pavia University Unveils Survey

The University of Pavia and University of Vaasa have together developed a survey on advanced manufacturing systems. Their aim is to investigate how advanced manufacturing systems a [...]

In(3D)ustry day 1: Aerospace panel

Day 1 of In(3D)ustry in Barcelona included a panel of experts on 3D printing in the aerospace industry. In(3D)ustry is a 3 day additive and advanced manufacturing global hub event, [...]

GE Hitachi Selected for DoE 3D printing project

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced that GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) has been selected to lead a $2 million additive manufacturing research project. GEH will lead [...]