Australian government awards $376,200 to commercialize wire-arc additive manufacturing

Additive Metal Layering Technologies (AMLTECH), a 3D printed metal parts manufacturer based in Adelaide, Australia, has received a share of $8.51 million (USD) in grants offered by [...]

Milestone reached in NASA’s 3D printed Mars base challenge

Phase 2 of NASA’s 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge is now complete. The U.S. space agency has announced details of teams working on the project that could facilitate deep space explora [...]

3D printed breast cancer detector is faster and more accurate than humans

The American Breast Cancer Organisation estimates that over a quarter of million people will be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017, with 252,710 cases in women and a further 2,47 [...]

NIST researchers hope to remove barriers to 3D printing metal with new machine

A custom built 3D printer may enable wider use of metal additive manufacturing according to researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The Additive M [...]

Virtual surgery saves the lives of new born babies in the UAE

Every year in the United Arab Emirates approximately 500 babies are born with heart disease. In order to bring this rate down to less than 1%, Dr. Laszlo Kiraly and a paediatric te [...]

Using 3D printing to upcycle in the circular economy at the University of Luxembourg

In the linear economy raw materials are extracted, goods produced and consumed and then the waste discarded. However an alternative, using 3D printing, is possible according Claude [...]

Light-directed assembly using gold nano-rods opens up 3D bioprinting applications

The 3D bio-printing market has seen significant activity in 2017. Several companies are preparing 3D printers for launch and we have frequently reported on academic studies in this [...]

Google releases virtual reality 3D modelling software: Google Blocks

Google has launched a new virtual reality (VR) 3D modelling application; Google Blocks. The free application has been released on both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive with users able to e [...]

3D Printing News Sliced: Sigma Labs, Stratasys, Versace, Lady of Cao

Today's Sliced 3D printing news features: Sigma Labs, OXYS Corporation, Stratasys, Ricoh, Versace, Lady of Cao, Edwin Fox, VSHAPER, Henry Segerman and Pickle Rick. Sigma Labs partn [...]

3D printed yeast could be the future of alcohol fermentation

The University of Washington's Alshakim Nelson has reportedly discovered a novel way to ferment yeast with a 3D printer. The process has been used exclusively so far to create etha [...]