How to 3D Print in Full Color: DIY Style

From Taiwan to Ireland, 3D printing enthusiasts around the world are preparing for the next big thing in additive manufacturing: full color 3D printing. 3D printing companies such [...]

3Doodler Releases 3D Printing Pen Just For Kids

Since successfully funding the first model of their 3D printing pen on Kickstarter back in 2013, 3Doodler has been trying to put the power of 3D printing technology directly into o [...]

Source3 & U.S. Army Make Licensing Agreement for 3D Printed Goods

Source3 is capable of roping in some pretty big names for its licensed 3D printables platform. Before, it was Capcom and CD Baby. Now, it's the U.S. Army. The startup, founded by 3 [...]

3D Systems: the Worst is Over

3D Systems (NYSE: DDD) had its share price drop to one-tenth of its reported value over two years. After an attempt to become a major player in consumer 3D printing and a spree of [...]

Made In Space to Send 3D Printed Laughter into Space

While Made In Space is hard at work accomplishing a number of herculean tasks, like 3D printing satellites in space and building a 3D printed spacecraft with Enterprise In Space, t [...]

The 9 Best 3D Printable Objects for this Valentine's Day

As a 3D printing enthusiast, you find any reason to use your printer, whether you are printing a spare part for a kitchen appliance or an epic, wearable Stormtrooper helmet. So, wh [...]

3D Medical Animation — Changing Patient Education

The urge to depict, and thus to better understand the body, has always been with us. From the caves at Lascaux in France to Leonardo da Vinci’s folios to the medical illustrations [...]

MakerBot to Expand Thingiverse with Developer Program

Thingiverse has never been quite the same since MakerBot changed its Terms of Service in 2013, but the MakerBot printables site has continued to exist under the vision of Stratasys [...]

Singapore Makes Plans to 3D Print Public Housing

In a world of economic scarcity, public housing has become essential for sheltering our species' most vulnerable populations. Interestingly, the island city-state of Sinagpore havi [...]

3D Printing Ceramics with the Sound of Some Solid Vibes

We’ve seen how 3D printing technology has been used to artistically represent the physical world, but only few, like Reify and artist Gilles Azzaro, have explored the ways that sou [...]

Kickstarter Focus: the 3D Printed iBoardbot Doodles Your Boredom Away

I bored, you bored, we're all bored for the iBoardbot. For those DIYers who are bored of their existing projects and are looking for something fun and unique, this 3D printed writi [...]

Eat Like Elven Royalty with Francis Bitonti’s Metal 3D Printed Flatware

No one has implemented 3D printing technology into the fashion industry quite like NYC-based designer Francis Bitonti, who is becoming a household name due to his use of emerging t [...]

MIT Engineering Exec Joins NVBOTS Ahead of Metal 3D Printing Launch

Boston-based NVBOTS began the year by announcing some pretty big news for what was thought to be a desktop 3D printing company. The makers of the semi-automated NVPro 3D printer ha [...]

Stratasys: from Predator to Prey – Ripe to be Acquired

Stratasys’ (SSYS) share price is now worth one-tenth what it was 18 months ago, bringing its market capitalisation to just over $800M. Times have changed for the world’s leading 3D [...]

Own Your All-Time Favorite Super Bowl Matchup in 3D Printed Form!

Nothing defines American sports quite like the Super Bowl, a traditional gathering of the year’s two best NFL teams which (to me at least) is basically a national holiday at this p [...]

SolidWorks' Apps for Kids Aim to Get Young Students into 3D Design

For quite a while now, SolidWorks has worked hard not only to develop some of the most accessible and widely used CAD design software in the world, but also worked to help with the [...]

UCSD's 3D Printed Liver Cells Most Liver-Like Yet

Home to the original bioprinting firm, Organovo, San Diego is, apparently, a hotbed of bioprinting activity.  Or, at the very least, the University of California, San Diego is make [...]

The 3D Printed Mechanical Chameleon that Knows When to Go Camo

It seems that some pretty cool news snuck by most of the world last month in the scientific journal ACS Nano. Perhaps it’s because it involves an actual camouflaging mechanical cha [...]

NYC Startup Aims to 3D Print Bones with Patients' Own Stem Cells

When the idea of a medical transplant is brought up, most people's thoughts are usually drawn to procedures such as blood transfusions or organ replacements. But, oftentimes, we fo [...]

New Printrbot Labs Gives Birth to the Printrbot Tank

Printrbot is one of the original 3D printing success stories to have launched on Kickstarter.  With their low-cost, Maker-friendly machines, they are heavily championed by the open [...]